asian desserts

As I was studying for my midterms for the following week yesterday, my mom was making asian desserts. Needless to say, she distracted me. She made two different kinds. One is almond jello and the other is a Thai dessert I have yet to name. To be quite honest, I’m not sure what it’s called. I’ve just seen Thai versions of it with other ingredients in it. I LOVE ALMOND JELLO! It’s one of my favorite asian desserts. It totally triumphs mango pudding. I’m not a fan of mango pudding at all. It doesn’t have a pudding consistency and it taste like something between a custard and jello. Almond jello is the BEST. It’s better than coconut jello although I love that too.
That’s my stash of almond jello 🙂 All for me! Well…not really but still. It’s the perfect pick me up on a summers day. I have yet to learn how to make it. I think my mom uses the box recipes but if I find a recipe from scratch then I’ll post it.

Onto the Thai dessert! It has all kinds of fruit in it. Personally I’m not a fan of jack fruit but it taste okay in the dessert. Let me tell you, this dessert is NOT healthy at all. My heart stops every time I see my mom add more sugar than it needs.

Here’s the recipe..
Thai Milk Dessert
1 can of jack fruit drained
1 can of lychees drained
1 can of longans drained (These are my favorite. I could eat the whole can by itself!)
1 can of green ai-yu jelly
1 can of ai-yu jelly (It’s the yellow one)
1 pineapple
1/2 a gallon of whole milk
1/2-1 cup granulated sugar
1 big bowl or container
** all ingredients can be found in an asian supermarket! 🙂

1. Take all the cans of fruit and drain the syrup
2. Dump the longans and lychees in the container but reserve jack fruit
3. Cut jack fruit pieces in half and dump into container
4. Cut jelly into tiny square pieces and dump into container. My mom uses a special tool to cut the jelly. I had no clue what it’s called!
5. Peel and cut a whole pineapple and cut pineapple into small chunks then dump into container
6. Add 1/2 a gallon of whole milk and stir
7. Slowly add 1/2-1 cup of sugar and stir. You can add more or less depending on how sweet you like it. Stir until sugar dissolves
8. Refridgerate for at least 1 hour before serving. It’s perfect for a big party or family get together.

It’s one of my moms signature desserts during the summer. My aunts and my grandma always ask that she make this dessert for family get togethers. Make a note that there is GREEN jelly in the dessert. It WILL taint the color of the milk so after an hour or so the milk will no longer be white. It will have a light green tint. That’s what it’s supposed to look like so don’t be alarmed! 🙂 Hope you enjoy it.

Thanks for reading! 😀 I’m off to study for my midterms.

Fail Sweetly,


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