desserts, sgt moore, and havaianas

Just got back from class. I have another midterm on Thursday. Wish me luck! 😦 The other day I was shopping at Albertson’s and I was supposedly buying a yogurt parfait for lunch but like all cool kids I let my mind wandering elsewhere. I ended up buying strawberry cream cheese strudel bites, tiramisu, and creme cake not to be mistaken with pound cake. Tiramisu is by far one of my favorite desserts. I love the texture of the lady fingers soaked in coffee or liquor and the mascarpone cheese. I’m definitely a texture kinda gal when it comes to food. I love foods that have lots of texture. Lobster is my all time favorite! 🙂 As you keep reading this blog, you’ll learn that I’m very unhealthy and I don’t encourage others to be healthy. I love desserts..oh and did I mention I love desserts? 🙂 Chocolate chip cookies own my heart. I can never say no to a good ole chocolate chip cookie. Store bought or homemade. I love those little suckers.

Here’s a picture of my zoom. The zoom on my camera is totally dying on me. It keeps coming out blurry and it didn’t use to!

So yesterday I had a funny conversation with the bf. I was watching this YouTube video where a marine corp sergeant asked Mila Kunis to be his date to the marine corp ball this year. She accepted, all thanks to Justin Timberlake. Here’s the link if you want to watch it.

I was curious as to who my bf would ask. I had votes for Giselle Bundchen! Haha 🙂 Sorry Sgt Moore. Giselle > Mila anyday! 😛 I also had votes for Bar Rafaelli and Adrianna Lima. Unfortunately, he wouldn’t tell me. He asked me but I was still curious. I’d ask Channing Tatum. Or maybe Jordan Farmar. Jordan Farmar owns my heart. He’s so handsome! 🙂 I happen to think his ears are cute. Jordan Farmar and chocolate chip cookies, haha. Can’t get better than that. Hope the bf doesn’t read this. He sent me lots of “o_O” faces while I was telling him about my love for Channing Tatum.

I finally got my first pair of Havaianas sandals yesterday! I was BEYOND excited. Like Christian Louboutin said, every girl needs high heels, flat shoes, and Havaianas. I’m super tempted to get Tory Burch sandals as well. They look super cute. While I was buying my Havaianas, I was SO tempted to make my own. That way I can have a custom made pair of sandals. How awesome would that be? 🙂 The bf condemns my shopaholic ways! Say it ain’t so! 😦 I wore them today. SUPER COMFY! I would totally buy another pair if I could afford it. Oh did I mention Wet Seal is having an awesome sale for shorts and jeans? $10 each pair! 🙂 Happy shopping. Here’s a picture of them!

Well, gotta get back to studying. Thanks for reading 🙂

Fail Sweetly,


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