food truck love

So I’m pretty sure everyone in Southern California has seen or heard of a food truck before. Recently, they’ve been SUPER popular. Since I go to school in Orange County, they’re everywhere! Which is so awesome because I could just drive up to a lot and get some awesome grub. No joke people, this is where it’s at. Some of the food trucks are only in the OC so if you’re down here you MUST try. Or if you see them, you must try. I was super excited to find out that there’s another food truck event every Friday called Flavorful Fridays. PUN INTENDED! That’s exactly what I got, flavorful food. I’m a lover of The Lime Truck. They were my first and will always have a special place in my heart. That and their food is bombdotcom! I started my food adventure at The Lime Truck because I wanted to get some limeade and their yum yum lamb sandwich. Some of the other trucks were still setting up so I got in line at The Lime Truck. Their lamb sandwich is AH-MAZING! 🙂 It’s the perfect mix of lamb, pita, and spice. The guys are super friendly and they laughed because I said bring back the lobster sandwich. It’s my favorite. I gotta satisfy my lobster craving.
It’s sooooo good. I can proudly say that no matter what you get at the Lime Truck, they NEVER disappoint. The service is great and they’re so laidback. The lamb sandwich is served on pita bread and it has traditional veggies, sriracha sauce, and tzatziki. It’s as good as it looks. I’ve also had the carnitas fries and the ultimate taco. They’re amazing as well. Like I said, they never disappoint. They always have some awesome limeade on hand. Whether it’s kiwi, aloe, pomegranate, or raspberry. Today they had passion fruit. I must say, this is the best limeade I had from them so far. The flavor was strong and not too sweet. Just the way I like it 🙂
The red one is raspberry limeade from the SlapFish truck. Andrew (the chef) is SUPER nice. I actually corresponded with him on Facebook about having some limeade on hand for me to try and they weren’t serving it this week but he gave me some because I asked for it. Talk about awesome service! The raspberry limeade differed from the passion fruit. The raspberry one was tart but not too tart. A bit of sweetness but not too sweet and they had raspberry chunks in it which only made it better. The SlapFish truck is my second food truck and I gotta say, I’m in heaven. I love lobster like no other. It’s my far one of my favorite foods and I always get it when I have the chance. They didn’t disappoint either. I absolutely love the texture of the lobster on the roll. It’s DELICIOUS!!! I was disappointed because I didn’t get two when I should have! *kicks self*
This baby is called the lobster grinder. I think today was actually the spicy shrimp and lobster grinder. Regardless, it’s a MUST try! Doesn’t get any better than this. I LOVE LOVE LOVE! I really want the recipe but I haven’t asked for it yet. I wonder if Andrew will spill the beans on how to make one 🙂 It has lobster, shrimp, mayo, celery, lemon, and tiny pieces of green apple. I love the texture of it because it’s spicy, sweet, and tart all at once! The green apples were definitely a nice touch. It’s amazing I tell you! When I was eating this along with the major crunchy, I dug in with both hands. Usually I’m not one to get my hands dirty but for this baby, I’m so down! 🙂 It’s seriously bombdotcom.

I also got the major crunchy which is a sea bream jam sandwich. It has fish, lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, POTATO CHIPS, and their awesome jalapeno sauce. I love this sandwich too! The potato chips were an awesome touch because it gave the sandwich such a nice texture. The pickles mixed with the jalapeno sauce definitely had me sold. The fish itself wasn’t that flavorful but the texture of the bun, the potato chips, and the sauce made up for it. I’d definitely get it again. I wonder what it’d be like if they fried the fish instead of pan seared? 🙂 It’d probably be more amazing. Here’s a picture with all the potato chips. You might ask what’s so great about having potato chips in a sandwich? These are no ordinary potato chips people. These are the BOMB 🙂
Overall I had a great experience at both trucks and now the SlapFish is on my radar too. I think the Lime Truck still owns my heart. I can’t get over their awesome limeade in so many flavors and their lobster sandwich with mac and cheese! SlapFish is definitely giving them a run for their money. If only they brought back the lobster sandwich! 😦

As promised, I finally got a picture of the vegan banana bread that my roomie made. Apparently I said it wrong. It’s not vegan banana bread but vegan banana cake with chocolate chips. To me, it’s the same thing! 🙂
Happy eating! You gotta try these trucks if you see them. Bring your appetite! 🙂 Their menus change daily and they also have a regular menu. I give them 5 stars!

Here’s the link to SlapFish:
Here’s the link to the Lime Truck:
Thanks for reading! 🙂

Fail Sweetly,


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