pomegranate coke

What can I say? I love pomegranates 🙂 I still have some pomegranate juice in the fridge so I wanted to make a drink. This week is also finals week for summer school which means ordering pizza. I got some coke along with my pizza. I’m not very big on soda so I decided to add some fruit to my drink. I ended up mixing the coke and the pomegranate juice to make pomegranate coke. It’s kind of like cherry coke and vanilla coke. I hate cherries so that’s out for me. I love vanilla but vanilla coke kind of taste funny to me. The pomegranate juice gives it a real strong flavor that doesn’t taste artificial.

Here’s the recipe..
Pomegranate Coke
1 cup coke
1/3-1/2 cup pomegranate juice (depending on your liking of how strong the pomegranate taste is)
ice cubes

1. Fill a tall glass to the brim with ice
2. Pour in coke
3. Pour in pomegranate juice and stir until combine

Hope you enjoy it 🙂 No pictures today. I need to get a memory card for my new camera first. I’m also suppose to be studying but I’m taking a break to write this post. Wish me luck. Thanks for reading! 🙂

Fail Sweetly,


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