rice krispie treats

I’ve been baking for four hours! Probably longer than that. So today I made some green tea macarons with green tea white chocolate ganache filling. I couldn’t find my ganache recipe so I used one on allrecipes.com but the ganache hasn’t set yet. It’s still caramel like. I will try to put the macarons together for tomorrow’s post. I also made myself some rice krispie treats. I generally don’t eat the prepackaged ones because I find them wayyyy too sweet. The one I make is just right.

Here’s the recipe..
Rice Krispie Treats (Kelloggs)
1/4 cup butter
4 cups mini marshmallows
6 cups rice krispie cereal

1. In a large pan, melt butter.
2. After butter is melted, add in 4 cups of marshmallows. Be careful with this part because you don’t want the marshmallows to burn but you want them to melt.
3. Stir in 6 cups of rice krispies cereal. I wouldn’t suggest anything less than 6 cups. I’ve tried that and always found than 6 cups is the best. Don’t mess with the Kelloggs recipe 🙂
I actually topped mine with green tea white chocolate ganache and wrote the bf’s name in heath bar bits 🙂 hehe What can I say? I was bored. No, my name is not Daniel, haha.
Hope you enjoy. Thanks for comin by 🙂

Fail Sweetly,


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