green tea macarons

Macarons are tricky little suckers. This is my fourth time making them and my third time having them come out okay. My second attempt was the best. This attempt was ehh. Some of the macarons only had feet on one side 😦 They were still super tasty though. I made a green tea white chocolate ganache for the filling. That was pretty tasty too. My only disappoint is that I didn’t let the ganache set overnight so it was semi-runny when I put it on the macarons. They’re pretty tricky to get right BUT I’m the kind of baker that throws ingredients together. I’ve read on several different blogs that macarons require accurate measurements by grams. Most recipes have measures by grams. I however, use cups. I’m way too lazy to convert and I don’t have a scale. They came out pretty decent so I can’t complain! 🙂 This recipe is the italian way instead of the french. I’ve played with this recipe and it works pretty well. Hope I can help those who are new to making macarons.

Here’s the recipe..
Green Tea Macarons w/Green Tea White Chocolate Ganache Filling(adapted from honey and soy/
the paste:
1 cup & 3 tablespoons of almond flour (you can buy almonds and ground them yourself)
1 cup & 3 tablespoons of powdered sugar
2 tablespoons of green tea powder (please use the good stuff!)
2 egg whites

the meringue:
1 cup & 3 tablespoons of granulated sugar
2 egg whites
a pinch of salt

sugar syrup:
1 cup of granulated sugar
1/4 cup of water

white chocolate ganache:
12oz white chocolate chips (1 bag)
1 tablespoon of green tea powder
1 cup heavy cream

1. In a small pot, bring sugar and water to boil. The recipe says you have to use a candy thermometer to make sure it’s at the right temperature but I don’t own one. I just brought the mixture to boil and made sure the sugar was dissolved.
2. Using a stand or hand mixer, whisk 2 egg whites with a pinch of salt. Do NOT start whisking without the salt. The salt helps it become a meringue faster (not really sure why, I read it online and it works).
3. When the meringue is foamy (not like a bubble bath but just lots of bubbles, approximately 1-2 minutes) add in 1 cup & 3 tablespoons of sugar one tablespoon at a time until all of it is mixed.
4. Whisk for 2 more minutes. When the meringue becomes bubble bath like pour in the syrup as the meringue is whisking.
5. Whisk for about 4-6 more minutes. It should take about 8-12 minutes altogether. Meringue should be firm but not over beaten. While it’s whisking, combine almond flour, powdered sugar, and green tea powder in a large bowl.
6. Mix in 2 remaining egg whites and stir until it becomes paste like.
7. After meringue is done, add the paste mixture and stir to combine. Be careful not to break the air in the meringue and don’t over stir it or it’ll crack while it bakes. No more than 50 strokes.
8. Using a large ziploc bag or pastry bag, attach a coupler and round tip.
9. Put bag in a large glass and fold down the top of the bag to allow the macaron mixture to be poured in.
10. Pipe small circles onto a silpat pat or parchment paper
11. Let the shells harden for about an hour. Longer is always better because if it’s not long enough, the macaron shell will crack while it’s baking. To check if it’s long enough gently touch the macaron with your finger. If it doesn’t stick then it’s done but if it does then you have to wait a little bit longer.
12. While the macaron shells are hardening, make the filling.
13. In a small pot, bring the heavy cream to boil and then take off stove.
14. Add white chocolate and green tea powder to heavy cream and stir vigorously (if you don’t continuously stir the green tea powder isn’t going to mix in with the chocolate/cream very well).
15. Refridgerate the ganache for about 6 hrs or overnight.
16. Preheat oven to 330 degrees
17. Once the macarons shells have hardened, bake macarons at 330 degrees for 10-15 minutes.
18. Once the ganache is set, use a butter knife and spread some on one cookie.
19. Take a second cookie and make a sandwich twisting clockwise so the filling doesn’t ooze out.

I hope this was helpful! 🙂 These are really great. It makes about at least 4 dozen so it works great as gifts.

Fail Sweetly,


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