sweet baking supply

So I saw the Pioneer Woman’s blog post about making sugar cookies and how she got her decorations and supplies from Sweet Baking Supply. I would have to say they’re pretty legit! 🙂 I got 4 containers of sanding sugar, 4 americolor gel food colors, 2 squeeze bottles, 1 coupler, 4 bags of twist ties, 4 cupcake holders, 2 bags of american flags, and cello bags. All of this was about $21. Totally worth it! I’m looking into sugar cookie recipes to make for the bf’s welcome home prezzie. So far my friend gave me the idea that I could make the cookie similar to the marine corp dress blues and write the bfs name on it. I was thinking in simpler terms. I was going to flood the cookie then cover it in sanding sugar and voila. I might make cookie pops because I saw a tutorial for heart cookie pops. They look so amazing! I wish I was artistic but nope 😦 Not a single artistic bone in my body.

My roomie was late night baking again. I love late night baking sessions. I think they might actually allow me to fall asleep more easily. Since I will be moving in about two weeks, my roomie and I are trying to tackle all sorts of recipes to use my KitchenAid Mixer (thanks bruhder!). She was making macarons tonight. This session by far was the funniest. I can’t even go into detail or else I’m going to start shaking and she’ll realize I’m writing about it in my blog post! Ha! 😛 She wouldn’t let me take pictures of her piping either. No fun! She’s going to be a blog legend in the making, haha. I told her I was going to miss late night baking and she said she’ll come visit me at my new apartment to bake and that I can’t replace her. Too funny. Gotta love roomie late night baking sessions. They totally rock 🙂 Thanks for reading. Sorry for the lack of photos. Oh and be sure to watch this seasons Top Shot Challenge. My bruhder is on the show! 🙂 He’s currently in norcal filming for the show right now. If you watch it, I’m sure you’ll understand why I call him chicken heart.

Fail Sweetly,


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