my apologies

Sorry I haven’t been blogging recently. I’ve been busy packing everything and moving it to my new apartment. So far I think I have everything squared away. My new room is pretty great. I still have a lot of space. I plan on getting a bookcase, sofa, and tv. Yes, that will fit in my room with the stuff I already have. I have a desk, night stand, bed, lamp, storage box, and 3 layer container. Having my own sink is pretty cool too. I get my own cabinets and mirror. I have a lot of mirrors in my room. I have mirrors on my closet doors and another one for my sink. I’m kind of excited for school to start. I get to start fresh 🙂 I’ll have something to do so that’s always good. I’ve been cleaning so far. I’m kind of tired of cleaning. I’m not much a cleaner. The bf gets back this Friday so I’m excited. A little nervous but excited. Hopefully he’ll be home soon. I’m looking forward to him coming home and school starting. I hope my apartment sorts out soon so I have time to cook and bake 🙂 I haven’t had the chance to use the stove and oven at my new apartment yet.

I hope the best for everyone on the east coast. The bf’s family is from Virginia so there’s been some worry. Hurricane Irene hit two days ago and there was the earthquake. Thanks for reading.

Fail Sweetly,


2 thoughts on “my apologies

  1. Justina Post author

    Thanks Helen! 🙂 I think WordPress deleted all my subscriptions. I keep trying to check the blogs I follow but it says there’s none -_-


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