fried pork chops

I’m finally squared away in my new apartment. Today was the first time I cooked here. I was intrigued by the stove (yes you read correctly). At my old apartment I had a gas stove but the one I have here is an electric stove. I thought it was pretty cool. I was doing last minute cleaning at my old apartment and I ended up with pork chops and frozen pork and cabbage dumplings. I decided to defrost the pork chops and have them for dinner. I made the dumplings for lunch. I usually don’t make pork chops. I have to admit, the recipes I’ve tried were kind of gross and my pork chops were tough. There’s a recipe that my sister uses that I like but I don’t know it. I decided to brighten up my week and probably shorten my lifespan by making fried pork chops using the Pioneer Woman’s Marlboro Man approved recipe. I must say, Marlboro Man knows his pork chops. The ones I made were de-li-cious! ūüôā A successful pork chop recipe! A must keep. I had a fried pork chop with rice and a tomato for dinner. I almost felt a little dangerous by wanting to fry my tomato! That would have been quite interesting. I’ve never fried a tomato before. I think I’m trying to get in touch with my Southern side.
That pork chop was close to the size of my foot! So basically, I enjoyed every bite of my dinner. What would a wonderful dinner be without dessert? I had orange sherbet with a white peach. I was contemplating whether or not I should poach my peach but I was too lazy. Dessert was delicious as well!
The boyfriend comes home Friday. I can’t wait to see him. I’m super bummed that I might not see him until next week because I have an appointment with my counselor when he gets back. Hopefully things go in my favor. Fingers crossed! Thanks for stoppin by.

Fail Sweetly,


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