rancho-a-gogo and munchee5

The weather has been super sucky. It was sunny outside and one day I wake up and it’s cloudy. I think it also rained because my car had dirty raindrops on it. California weather, why must you be so bipolar? 😦 Anyway, due to the weather change I’ve been sick the past few days. That’s why there isn’t anything new. I was too lazy to cook because I felt so crappy BUT somehow I managed to go to the food trucks and grab lunch and dinner. I’m really weird, I know. I love the Lime Truck. You should definitely catch them on the Great Food Truck Race on the Food Network. Those guys are legit. I was a bit early because I wanted some limeade. It was really hot that day. I ended up getting the blood orange lychee limeade and a ultimate taco. The taco was amazing! Same as I remember it. The limeade was refreshing. I actually got the limeade for free so that’s a definitely a plus. I got the carolina pulled pork sliders from Rancho-A-GoGo after hearing good things about them from my old roommate. The guy working the order window was so nice. I felt like I was at home because he called me sweetheart. Some of the stuff he said my dad would say. Let me tell you…these “sliders” shouldn’t be called sliders. It was more of a manwich than a slider. It’s two for $6 and it’s worth every dollar. They were so yummy. I got extra bbq sauce with it too. I love their bbq sauce. It’s perfect, not too sweet and not too salty. The slaw they had on top of the pork was to die for. Overall, I loved them. I’ll definitely be going back. I tried Munchee5 yesterday. I was super disappointed because I got the chips with guacamole and the tri tip sliders. I didn’t think ANYONE could mess up guacamole cause well..it’s GUACAMOLE! The guacamole didn’t really taste like anything but spicyness and salt. I couldn’t even taste the avocado even though there were chunks of avocado in it. The chips were good but it was too darn salty. The chips are salty enough, there’s no need for salt in the guac. It was salt overkill. My tri tip sliders made me sad because I got the pulled pork sliders for the same price but the pulled pork ones were huge. I didn’t feel like I got my $6 worth although it was quite tasty. I like the sliders but the bread was too mushy. The seasoning was great but mushy bread = crappy slider. Or at least in my book that’s what it means.
the ultimate taco from the lime truck and some extra bbq sauce from rancho
carolina pulled pork sliders
chips and guac
tri tip sliders

Thanks for coming by. I’ll try to get pictures up of the lasagna I made earlier last week. No guarantees though! Happy reading 🙂

Fail Sweetly,


2 thoughts on “rancho-a-gogo and munchee5

  1. Helen

    So sorry to hear you aren’t feeling well. Tis the cold season, my family has started with the allergy/sinus issues as well.

    I so wish we had food trucks….but we have “malt stands”!

    1. Justina

      Aw thanks Helen! 🙂 I thought it was allergies at first. I think it’s just the crazy weather changes. Three days ago it was cloudy and it rained, now it’s hot. Does the great food truck race go through Louisiana?! 🙂 Malt stands don’t sound too bad. I could go for a malt right now..haha


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