mooncake festival recap

Yesterday was the mooncake festival. I was pretty busy stuffing my face and taking pictures which is why there wasn’t a post yesterday. My mom made taro buns and egg cake. I made egg rolls. My aunt gave us some mooncakes and she made us some taro cake. My cousins grandmother made us lotus root cake. Now these pastries aren’t your average walk into a bakery and buy pastries. These are as authentic as you can get when it comes to Chinese pastries. These are the pastries that old women in rural villages in China make for the holidays. The recipes were passed down from generation to generation. From my great grandmother to my grandmother to my mother. I have some big shoes to fill.
the taro buns my mom made
lotus root cake my cousins grandmother made
taro root cake my aunt made
the moon from my backyard!
Thanks for reading šŸ™‚

Fail Sweetly,


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