school starting

Hey all. Sorry I’ve been kind of M.I.A. I’ve been trying to get ready for school and getting everything in my room organized. This week is welcome week so I’ve been busy going to all the events. I got to see Shwayze and Cisco on Tuesday so that was pretty cool. I spent Monday going to the involvement fair on campus and then making dinner at my friends house. We made spaghetti and meatballs (courtesy of the PW). It was a hilarious night because she was trying to teach me how to play Mario Carts. I’m pretty dumb when it comes to video games. Anyway, Tuesday was the Aldrich Park After Dark concert. It was kind of boring at first because we went about 1 1/2hr late and Shwayze still wasn’t there yet. He’s pretty legit though so I was content. It was awkward because the majority of the people in attendance were freshmen. I found it hilarious that this one girl who wasn’t 21 yet got caught drunk. I mean really? It’s somewhat pathetic now that I think about it. Yesterday was baking night. I baked chocolate cupcakes for my friend Yvonne because her birthday’s on Sunday. They came out pretty well. Today was the first day of class. I have to say I’m quite surprised I didn’t want to run and go back to my apartment. I felt like that all of last year. I was on campus till about 8pm which is surprising. Class was alright. Nothing too crazy happened. I’ve been going out a lot this past week because of welcome week so there hasn’t been a lot of recipes because by the time I get back to my apartment I fall on my bed and snooze. My eyes are kind of closing as I’m typing this. There will be recipes for char siu, spaghetti and meatballs, and chocolate cupcakes w/buttercream frosting coming soon. I’ll probably post them on saturday or Sunday. Saturday’s my cleaning day so probably Sunday. Thanks for coming by ūüôā

Fail Sweetly,


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