team rubicon

As many of you know, I’ve posted a lot about fundraising and such. This post is no different. Team Rubicon is an organization comprised of veterans and medical personel that deploy across the world when disasters strike. They are highly trained and this organization holds a close place to my heart. Many combat veterans who come back from Afghanistan or Iraq have PTSD. Some of them even end up homeless. If you’re interested you should take a look at the Jubilee House episode on Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. It’s dedicated to women veterans who are homeless and helping them find stability. With that being said, I have special ties to this organization as I’m almost positive that my big brother served with the man who started the organization. His name’s Jake Wood. Several months ago, I was talking to my brother on AIM and I did my usual complaining. That day was different. In the midst of my complaining he talked about a marine that he served with. He was a member of Team Rubicon but he also suffered severely from PTSD. In the end, he lost the fight. Although he is no longer with us, he will always be a hero in my eyes. The reason why I wanted to study psychology in college was because I wanted to help these veterans. I saw what it did to my brother.

Every year, in the fall I kind of make out my “special project.” In the past years, I’ve adopted soldiers and marines from organizations such as Adopt A US Soldier or Adopt a US Hero. In total I’ve adopted about 10 altogether. I’m still close to 3 of them. I’ve also written letters for veterans at home through Operation Gratitude. This year I kind of twisted my own arms trying to find something different but still relevant to the military. I remembered reading my brothers Facebook and he had a post saying vote for Jake Wood for GQ magazine. I browsed the website for a bit and I decided to make my own fundraising page. I really liked my friend Christians CrossFit fundraising page so I made my own. If you type you’ll get to my fundraising page. It is my Team Rubicon fundraising page. To learn more about the organization, I encourage you to click on the link and just read it. I have a goal of $250 that I want to reach by Thanksgiving (which is why I’m starting early). Please donate and help disaster relief victims. It doesn’t have to be a lot. Just what you can afford. I know with the economy today it’s hard on everyone. It’s hard on me too but I can’t stand by and do nothing. That’s just not the type of person I am. The donation page has a list of how you want to donate. You can dedicate your donation in honor of someone close to you or whoever you want to dedicate it to. I dedicated my donation to Clay Hunt. He was a friend of my brothers, a former member of Team Rubicon, and an outstanding marine. Thank you for taking the time to read this. It really means a lot to me and is greatly appreciated.

Fail Sweetly,


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