the lime truck my true love

If anyone has ever had anything from The Lime Truck, you’ll understand my hype about them. Not only does their food taste amazing, their service is great too. The guys working will always remember a familiar face. Their laidback attitudes and awesome service really cater to the California beach cuisine they sell. Being in my college student mode, I was too lazy to cook and wait for my food. I find it ironic that I’m willing to wait half an hour for my food but I can’t spare half an hour to make my food. It’s because I know savory goodness is coming when I wait the half hour. Needless to say, I drove myself to the food truck round up and got in line at the Lime Truck. You have to be early because they ALWAYS have a gigantically long line. Today’s menu was legit, the pblt! Usually blt stands for bacon, lettuce, and tomato but in this case it would be pork belly, lettuce, and tomato. The best darn sandwich I’ve had in weeks! Totally worth the wait šŸ™‚ I also got those carnitas fries I’ve been raving about. It was delicious! To accompany my artery clogging lunch, I washed it down with mango lychee limeade. So overall, it was the best lunch I’ve had in weeks.

mango lychee limeade

carnitas fries


If you’re in the Southern California area, you MUST come to Irvine and try this truck. You’ll love it šŸ™‚ Thanks for reading

Fail Sweetly,


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