charlie palmer

Yesterday it rained. I hate rain. I guess I shouldn’t be complaining because it stopped for awhile but rain and I do not get along. Sprinkle rain or pouring rain..they hate me. Yesterday my roomie and I decided to go to Charlie Palmer for lunch. Yes it’s a person but it also a restaurant. If you’re super into foodies and restaurants you’ll know that the famous Charlie Palmer is a chef. A mighty good one at that 🙂 I loved the decor of the place. Although I’m 100% sure that my roomie were the only “young ones” in the restaurant. Everyone else had to be older than us by 10 years or more. The food was absolutely delicious and very filling. I’m dying of happiness from my dessert. Dessert is my favorite course of the meal btw. The waiter laughed at me because I couldn’t decided between my dessert, creme brulee, or panna cotta. I wanted chocolate mousse too.
This is the table arrangement. It’s fancy but very earthy which I like.
The cutest and best bread I’ve had. It was crunchy yet soft and chewy. Definitely wanted more!
This was my roomies dish. She got the red orecchiette pasta. It has braised pork, argula, brie cheese, and bechamel.
This was my dish. Mushroom crusted scottish salmon! Best darn salmon I’ve had. It came with smoked mushroom consomme, sauteed bok coy, and seasonal veggies.
This was the side we ordered. Truffle mac & cheese ladies and gents. If you’ve never had truffle mac & cheese you’re missing out. It’s the best mac & cheese I’ve had too. The only thing better than truffle mac & cheese is truffle mac & cheese with lobster! 🙂
This was my roomies dessert. Red wine poached bosc pear. It came with vanilla creme anglaise, orange blossom cake, and walnut streusel.
This was my dessert! Molten black forest cake! 🙂 It came with kirsch ganache, cherry ice cream, cherry sauce (the red dots), cherries, and white chocolate mousse. I was in heaven to say the least..yum!!

That was my amazing lunch yesterday. If only I had lobster 😦 Anyway, thanks for coming by!

Fail Sweetly,


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