packers fans

I’m not a football follower. Never have been, never will be. So why the heck did I title my post packers fans? Well, as you all know I’m pretty in love with my organizations. I only support those I have strong ties too. I guess I should be supporting everything but that’s too big for me to handle right now. I would like to share a clip with you readers about my brothers friend Jake Wood who happens to be the president of Team Rubicon. Yes, you’ll be seeing that name a lot. Anyway, he did the intro to Monday Night Football last Monday. I loved it. It was probably the most inspiring thing I’ve seen tied to the NFL to date. I don’t watch a lot of football unless it’s the Superbowl so maybe I haven’t seen a lot. Regardless, this intro’s the boss šŸ™‚ Hope you like it!

Hopefully all of you can see it. For some reason my page doesn’t do links. It shows up while I’m typing it out here but not on the actual page.

Go Marines! šŸ™‚ Need I say more?

Fail Sweetly,


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