thanksgiving recap

I hope everyone had a fantastic Thanksgiving. I sure did, I plied myself with lots of whiskey and beer 🙂 That’s how we do it at my house! This was the first year that my sister tried to make the turkey. I wasn’t all that impressed at first but wowzers! It was some mighty delicious turkey. I’m used to the kind of turkey that’s a bit dry and a bit juicy. The turkey she made was 100% juicy. I’m kind of sad that there’s no leftovers. I did stuff myself with a good amount of turkey. I think overall I gained about 10 lbs from stuffing my face with turkey and mashed potatoes. I would have updated this pretty little thing yesterday but I spent the entire day in the kitchen cooking. I spent my day cooking, eating, and down as much Jack Daniels and coke as I could get my hands on. It was a pretty spectacular Thanksgiving. Definitely one to remember. I’m just going to share a few dishes that were my favorites. These dishes have been a staple in my Thanksgiving rotation as long as I remember.

What’s Thanksgiving without the turkey?! My sister’s awesome turkey 🙂 She used the William Sonoma brine and rub. DELICIOUS!
My mom slathered the ham with pineapple puree for a more Hawaiian taste. I don’t think it did any justice because the ham didn’t taste like pineapple at all. The outer pieces were a little sweet. It was strange. I think I’ll stick to my brown sugar glaze next year.
My special mashed potatoes. I love these mashed potatoes. I haven’t found a recipe that comes close. I think this recipe is ideal because it doesn’t call for too much ingredients but not too less either. It’s the perfect match.
I detest making my own stuffing. Usually my sister and I split the Thanksgiving cook list. She made the turkey and ham this year while I made the side dishes. Since there were many side dishes, I don’t bother trying to make my own bread for the stuffing. It’s too much of a hassle and not enough time. The box kind is just as good. This is my favorite sausage stuffing recipe. It has celery, onions, and hot sausage 🙂
The last beauty is from the Pioneer Woman herself. I’m so in love with her. She’s ah-mazing. I actually told my sister I wanted her next cookbook for my birthday present! 🙂 It comes out at the end of March next year just in case you’re wondering. Anyway, back to the garlic cheese bread. Oh heavenly, garlic cheese bread. Always goes out fast because the kids munch on it. Well, I guess we’re not kids anymore but we munch on it. Especially this year since there was a lot of whiskey involved.
What did you eat for your Thanksgiving? 🙂 I’ll post recipes hopefully next week. I have a 17 page research paper due and a 10 page personality paper due next week. I also have finals coming up. I’ll try my best to squeeze in some blog time. If you don’t hear from me that’s most likely what I’m doing.
Oh and if you’re wondering why my stuffing isn’t in the turkey it’s because my mom wouldn’t let me do that..yeah, enough said.

Fail Sweetly,


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