egg mcmuffin?

This morning was a tough one. I found out all my grades except for one class. It’s exceptionally crucial for me to know the grade so I can proceed with my Christmas. I’m not joking either. Anxiety will be the death of me! 😦 Apparently, the school website deletes it and shows next quarter’s classes. Very helpful, not! I’ve become aware that my blog has a lot of spam. A lot as in yesterday it was just 6 comments that went to the spam box and today it’s 17?! How did that happen? Sometimes legit comments do get filtered into the spam section and I rarely check it but 17 was a dead giveaway that I’d check it. I can’t really tell if the comments are real or not. Some of them seem real? o_O Anyway, if you have any questions or concerns just email me at It’s not because I hate you and that’s why I didn’t approve your comment. It’s because I don’t check my spam box until it’s 17. I know, I’m totally behind. Onto the food! 🙂 Yesterday my sister didn’t have work so because she hates me, she made me go speed walking with her at the local park. I was not amused and my legs feel like jello at this moment. Regardless, we ruined our workout by going to the grocery store after and purchasing anything we could get our little hands on. We were hungry for breakfast food so bacon, sausages, yogurt, and english muffins were on the list. I wanted to make egg mcmuffins like McDonald’s but “healthier.” I’m not sure if my version was any healthier than the real thing. I did leave out the hollandaise sauce. I didn’t want to ruin my workout too much.
Here’s the recipe..
Egg McMuffins
1 package canadian bacon
english muffins
cheese (optional)

1. In a large frying pan, cook the canadian bacon and bacon. Drain on paper towel to get rid of excess grease.
2. Fry eggs sunnyside up style. You can poach them but I’m not a big fan of poached eggs.
3. Throw the english muffins in a toaster and cut in half hamburger style.
4. On each slice of muffin add a slice of canadian bacon. Add and egg and a strip of bacon. Sprinkle with cheese if desired.

I felt so sad for skipping the hollandaise sauce. I had no choice 😦 More walking and jello legs to come! Enjoy them. I had one with some strawberry yogurt. It was delish. Now I’m off to make lunch. Come back soon!

Fail Sweetly,


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