peruvian stir fry chicken & beef w/noodles

I tried a peruvian chicken recipe from Okie Dokie Artichokie and fell in love with the flavor. The smell itself will make your mouth water. My roommate actually came into the kitchen and asked what I was making. I decided to try it with beef fillet because that’s the kind of person I am. I must say, it taste amazing with beef. I think it was more amazing with beef than chicken. To find the recipe for her recipe, scroll through the right sidebars of my blog and her blog should be listed under blogroll. I’ll be making chocolate cupcakes tomorrow so look out for the recipe for that. I’ve been trying to cook and bake so I could test out my camera and have goodies to give away for Chinese New Year. I can’t wait for all the yummy food I’m going to stuff my face with when I get home! šŸ™‚ It’s going to be so awesome. I get to test out my camera with that too šŸ™‚ I hope everyone is having a great week. I’m super sleepy as I’m typing this because I spent 8 hours at school today. Ya gotta do what you gotta do. You could definitely count on pictures from Chinese New Year!

Fail Sweetly,


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