chocolate cupcakes w/chocolate bavarian cream frosting

It’s almost Chinese New Years! I’m super excited to be home this weekend because I know there’s going to be ah-mazing food. I blogged about vanilla cupcakes earlier in the week and now I’m blogging about chocolate cupcakes. I made both to give away as gifts to family for Chinese New Years. Some of the older family members don’t really like chocolate because they think it’s too sweet. I opted to use a classic chocolate mix for the cupcakes. It worked out pretty well because I didn’t taste the overwhelming abundance of chocolate or cocoa powder. I actually cut holes in the cupcakes and filled them with chocolate bavarian cream that I got from Sweet Baking Supply. I was originally going to frost the cupcakes with the same buttercream frosting as the vanilla ones. However, my buttercream was really hating on me so I frosted them with leftover chocolate bavarian cream instead. I topped them with brown jimmies just for decoration.
Here’s the recipe..
Chocolate Cupcakes with Chocolate Bavarian Cream Frosting
1 box classic chocolate cake mix made according to instructions (also add in 1 small box of chocolate pudding mix)
1 lb chocolate bavarian cream
brown jimmies
cupcake liners

1. Make cupcake batter according to instructions. I added the pudding mix because it gives the cupcakes a fluffy delicate texture. I’ve found that adding pudding mix and maybe some whipping cream or sour cream really punches in the flavor.
2. Let all cupcakes cool before frosting them.
3. When cupcakes are cool, cut holes in them and dig out the middle of the cupcake.
4. Fill the hole with chocolate bavarian cream and then allow it to “overflow” so you have enough for frosting the top.
5. Sprinkle with brown jimmies or any kind of sprinkles and enjoy! 🙂

I love this cake mix. The classic chocolate is really great because I’m more of a cake than a frosting person. I always go for cakes that make the frosting instead of frosting’s that make the cake. I enjoyed them without the frosting but since I was giving them away as gifts, I had to dress them up somehow! Thanks for coming by.

Fail Sweetly,


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