midterms food

Is there anyone else out there that snacks like crazy when they study or is it just me? I’m not going to lie..I snack on pretty much anything I can get my hands on. I had a midterm earlier today and another one on Thursday and I’m snacking like crazy. It’s actually starting to scare me because I feel like I’m not full so I keep snacking. It’s ridiculously bad for my health but it’s like anxiety coupled with fear that’s driving me insane. I did end up going home the previous weekend for my mama’s birthday. I feel like such a bad daughter because I actually momentarily forgot that it was her birthday until my sister asked me what we should buy for dinner. We ended up having lots of ah-mazing Chinese dishes such as Hainese chicken, honey walnut shrimp, char siu, and beef & green beans.

Here’s a picture of the cake my sister bought for my mom. It’s a chocolate cake with raspberry jam filling and on top of all of that is chocolate mousse. It’s sprinkled with cocoa powder for decoration..not bad at all. Not exactly my kind of cake though. The jam was wayyy too sweet and the mousse was really heavy which made it hard to swallow. I love sweets but even I couldn’t finish my entire piece.
Here’s a picture of my weird combination of spaghetti sauce. I added corn and actual tomatoes because I wanted to be creative. It didn’t taste bad but not the tangy spaghetti sauce I’m used to.

More recipes to come! Promise ūüôā This weekend is going to be a feast because I found some awesome recipes on How Sweet It Is so I’ll be posting those up. I’m going to try her bbq chicken potato skins and shrimp pasta. I’m also planning on making chocolate cake truffles.

Fail Sweetly,


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