mocha brownies

I have a ton of papers that are due next week so I decided to indulge in a college student’s best friend, caffeine. I saw this recipe for mocha brownies in The Pioneer Woman’s first cookbook and never had a chance to try it out. It looks delicious so I finally stopped being a wimp and gave it a whirl. The end result was surprisingly tasty even though I had to make a lot of changes due to my icing not coming together. As most of my readers know, I’m quite lazy. Especially if there are papers due. Something about papers just makes me want to snuggle up in my blankets in bed. Sadly, even though I’ve conquered my 20 page research paper..I’m still a wuss at heart. Papers are scary man! Anyway, I changed the mocha icing that was in the cookbook to store bought classic vanilla frosting. I’m a bit bummed because the mocha icing still tasted pretty darn good even though it looked disgusting. I think it was because I didn’t have enough powdered sugar and the recipe called for 5 cups (1 box + 1cup?). I also decorated with some heath bar bits because I was again too lazy to make chocolate swirls. The biggest thing I have against trying new recipes is the amount of workload for school. I don’t have time to go out here and there and pick up ingredients or try it again and again until it’s right. This quarter is pretty difficult although not as difficult as the last (those darn 20 page papers man!). I’m graduating soon so I don’t need anything to stand in the way of me and my diploma.
Here’s the recipe..
Mocha Brownies (adapted from The Pioneer Woman)
Brownies –
1 1/4 cup flour
4 ounces of unsweetened (or dark chocolate) melted
3 teaspoons vanilla extract
4 eggs
2 cups of sugar (I opted for 1 1/2 cups and added 1/2 organic cocoa powder)
2 sticks butter
Mocha Icing –
2 sticks butter
5 cups powdered sugar (1 box + 1 cup? I think)
1/4 cocoa powder
1/4 teaspoon salt
3 teaspoons vanilla extract
1/2 cup coffee (cooled to room temp)

1. Preheat oven to 325 degrees.
2. Using a stand mixer, mix together the butter and sugar for the brownie batter.
3. Beat in eggs one at a time.
4. Add vanilla extract and melted chocolate.
5. Add cocoa powder and flour and mix until combined.
6. Spray or oil a 13 x 9 baking pan and pour batter in. Make sure to even out the top and stick in the oven to bake for approximately 45 minutes.
7. In a large bowl, mix together butter, powdered sugar, salt, and vanilla extract.
8. When it’s half way combined, add 1/2 cup of coffee. You may not NEED the entire 1/2 cup. Please be careful while mixing and adding the coffee. You want it to be a thick but fluffy consistency.
9. Let brownies cool to room temp and spread icing on top.
10. Stick in the fridge until icing hardens and then cut into squares. Or you can eat it straight from the pan like I did šŸ™‚

Enjoy this one! Although my icing looked quite disgusting, it tasted like heaven. Well actually it tasted like Starbucks which is pretty much heaven because that’s all I’ve been dreaming about. So technically, it tasted like heaven. Guaranteed to knock your socks off. If you’re a caffeine addict like I am. No pressure though! Thanks for reading.

Fail Sweetly,


2 thoughts on “mocha brownies

  1. Karen

    Your mocha brownies sound delicious. There is nothing wrong with your icing. Way to critical on yourself…everyone who would be offered one of these would be so please.


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