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first blog giveaway

When I first started this blog last year, I didn’t expect to have so many posts. I’m not sure how many posts I expected to have but I thought if I had something to blog about then I’d do it. Right now, I have over 105 posts so I wanted to share my awesome mildstone with my readers. This is my first blog giveaway and I have no idea what to expect. Here goes nothing..
Here are the rules:
– leave a comment NOT a like
– have until next Thursday the 5th at noon pacific standard time to enter
– you can enter as many times as you want
– only enter if you live in the united states (sorry canadian/international readers!)

pictured: lollipops, disposable pastry bags, and cupcake liners
The giveaway includes many items that I’ve used myself being quite the cupcake, chocolate, and cookie freak that I am.
Items included in giveaway:
– pink&brown polka dot cupcake liners (30-35)
– zebra cupcake liners (30-40)
– black cupcake liners (45-50)
– a coupler (standard size)
– americolor food coloring in black, yellow, & blue (3/4 oz each)
– keeseal disposable pastry bags 12″ (10)
– black, blue, & yellow sanding sugar (4 oz each)
– mini squeeze bottles (2)
– a white and a green hand towel (2)
– green dish towel
– small box of see’s lollipops (assorted 12)
– 2 cadbury dark chocolate bars
– special items from Trader Joes and/or somewhere only available in Orange County

The winner will be chosen at random using according to the comment number. The more comments you leave the better chance to win..unless you’re the only one commenting! I will only ship nationally because international shipping is quite pricy for a college student like myself. I’m keeping it simple for the first giveaway. The winner will be announced next Thursday. Goodluck! Thanks for stopping by.

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red robins

My sister and I went to lunch at Red Robins today. For those of you who have never heard of the name, it’s a burger joint. Endless baskets of fries and endless lemonades! Delish 🙂 We decided to make the trip to the Santa Anita Mall to try the new Red Robins that opened. It’s was really spacious which I liked. Their bathrooms were so cute! Yes, I’m weird..I’m taking about the bathroom of a burger restaurant on a food blog. I think it’s illegal to take pictures in the bathroom but really, it was super cute. I wish my bathroom at home had a cool sink like theirs. Anyway, moving onto the food.
Red Robins is famous for their fries seasoning. To be quite honest, I put it on everything. Salad, burger, fish, fries, you name it.
Their famous endless basket of fries
My sister’s ultimate bacon burger? I forgot the name but it looked delicious!
Freckled lemonade! 🙂 So yum!
Artic cod fish and chips with a side of cole slaw 🙂
The outside of the restaurant
I went to See’s to buy lollipops for my giveaway. I was reading Lauren’s blog on Lawfully Wedded Wife and she mentioned that See’s Candies isn’t available where she lives unless she orders it online. So I’ve decided to include the lollipops that she mentioned on her blog in my giveaway. Be sure to check back regularly because I will be announcing a giveaway in the coming week to celebrate my milestone of over 105 posts since I’ve started writing this blog. Don’t miss out!
This are scotchmallows. Chocolate covered caramel and marshmallow. If anyone has had See’s, this is probably one of their favorites. I love these!! 🙂
These are all pictures of the new side of the Santa Anita Mall called The Promenade.
This is the carousel in the mall
I saw these gorgeous flowers while taking pictures in The Promenade and I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to take pictures of them. Aren’t they gorgeous? 🙂 Thanks for reading. More information about my giveaway in the week to come!

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The theme for my photography session is flowers. I took pictures of the tulips that my dad bought for Rose Hills, my mom’s lilies planted at home, and my neighbor/sister’s rose. I’m trying to adjust the modes so the pictures come out nice. I used the non-flash mode for my sister’s rose and the auto for my neighbors rose. I also used the non-flash for the rest of the flowers and it came out pretty nice. I think I’m going to spend most of my time on photography and less recipes for spring break.
Let me know what you think of them! I could use any tips if you have any. And yes, I know my mom’s planted lilies are semi-dying but lilies are my favorite flower. Thanks for stopping by 🙂

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orange bang?

SPRING BREAK IS HERE!!!! 🙂 I’m so excited I get a week of sleep and relaxation before starting my last spring quarter as an undergraduate. I have an intern to work with children from age 2 to 5 so I’m going to need all the time off I could possibly get. I came home today and was driving on an empty stomach so I stopped at one of my favorite places near home. There’s always a restaurant or fast food place near home that you always want to get when you go home. Needless to say, The Hat’s chili cheese fries were calling my name. Yes, you read correctly. The name of the fast food place is called The Hat. Don’t let the name fool you because their chili cheese fries are spankin delish. One of the best recipes I’ve tried so far. And of course they have orange bangs. For those of you not familiar with the drink (yes, it’s a drink!), I believe they have it at most Mexican take-out places. The Hat also has the best orange bangs.
I love their fries! It’s a pretty decent bargain. Their fries are huge and for a small order you get a big bag. You probably won’t finish it either. Believe me, I’ve tried! I’ve only eaten about 1/8 of the chili cheese fries and I’m already full.
My attempt to make strawberry macarons failed. It failed bad. BUT, it was pretty darn sweet so I guess it wasn’t too bad. I’ve never baked them at 200 degrees so that’s probably why they look so funny.
This fried fish recipe is excellent! One of my favorites. My dad bought me a big bag of swai fish fillets and I usually don’t cook fish so I was clueless. I found a recipe online that uses garlic salt and pepper to season the’s so good!!! 🙂 And of course there’s a tomato in there because I am a tomato freak.
This made me laugh. I went to the Starbucks on campus yesterday after my last final to cheer myself up with a green tea frap. The girl not only spelled my name wrong but I’ve never had anyone spell it the way she did..if you can’t tell, she wrote Justyua and that’s a pretty big difference from Justina. I won’t be answering to Justyua anytime soon. Just had to get that out there.
Here’s my copy of Ree’s new cookbook. She doesn’t lie, it’s packin with delicious hearty recipes. My sister was flipping through and she looked like she was drooling.
And this last picture to celebrate the end of winter quarter and spring break. Too bad I won’t be going anywhere. I’m planning on taking my camera sight seeing so I could develop my photography skills. We’ll see how that goes! Thanks for reading 🙂

Fail Sweetly,

a new book

I GOT MY NEW PIONEER WOMAN COOKBOOK! If anyone follows The Pioneer Woman (Ree) then they know that her second cookbook is out. My sister pre-ordered it for me for my birthday (back in January) and I got it this weekend. I’m super excited about making some of the recipes because the pictures look absolutely gorgeous. Ree was serious when she said that her second book was filled with hearty recipes. I want to try all of them but I can’t! I’m only posting this because I decided I could use a study break after studying stress and human development for the past two days. Finals week is next week, which means crunch time. I might or might not be on here. Depends if I feel like I need to bake my stress away. My sister made this delicious taco recipe on Thursday and I wanted to share it with my readers BUT being the ditz that I am, I left my camera at school. No camera = no pictures = no post. WHAT A BUMMER. It was so good too! I have to relearn that I need to take my camera everywhere with me. That way if something good comes up, I’ll be there to capture it. I’ll try to post some pictures of the cookbook when I get a chance. Most likely won’t happen until after finals week. I’m testing out different modes for my camera so it’s the perfect opportunity for me to take pictures.

On a side note, my big brother Chee Kwan is on the History Channel’s Top Shot. It’s a show about shooting and 16 competitors live in a house together. They’re separated by teams and if their team loses the team challenge then they have to put two individuals up for elimination. Whoever wins the elimination challenge comes back to the house while the other one has to go home. It’s some pretty cool stuff. So far I’ve seen all five episodes and my brother’s still on the show. He also has his own website if you’d like to take a look. It’s under blogroll on the right hand side of my blog. He’s a former infantry marine or what he would say “assaultmen.” He served 4 years in the Marine Corps from 2005-2009. He’s also been deployed twice with 2nd battalion 7th marines stationed out of Twentynine Palms, California. The first time to Iraq and the second time to Afghanistan. Please show him your support! 🙂 He’s also on Facebook. I think all you have to do is type in his name and his fan page should come up.

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kristine’s birthday

So I indulged myself in pizza, avocado rolls, tortilla chips, spinach artichoke dip, and pizookie tonight. I’m officially stuffed. For all the readers who live or have been in California, there’s a chain restaurant called BJ’s Brewhouse. Everyone just calls it BJs for short. They’re known for their pizookie which is a giant cookie cake with ice cream on top. I went there for dinner earlier for my friend Kristine’s birthday. We’re so funny when we’re together. It’s kind of the priceless moments because we say stupid things and then laugh like crazy over them. Since she’s a year younger than I am, I call her “lil seestar.”
That’s me..I was kind of lost when Sean took this picture. It was cool meeting him because he taught me how to take pictures with my fancy camera. They came out so pretty! 🙂 Here are all the candle pictures that Sean and I took.
Aren’t they gorgeous? Sean was pretty cool about fixing my camera so the lighting would work for the pictures. I need to learn those amazing skills!
Kristine has a thing for pink and little green aliens so here we are
This is what a pizookie looks like 🙂
I believe this is their portebello mushroom pizza
avocado rolls & crispy potato skins
pizookie without the candles
buffalo chicken pizza, tortilla chips with spinach artichoke dip, and crispy potato skin
There was a little alien in the bottom of my cup! 🙂 I got to keep it!

I hope you enjoy all the pictures. I know there’s way too many in here. When I went to upload them on my Facebook, there was about 80 something. Happy Birthday to my lil seestar Kristine! 🙂 She turns 22 on Monday. Thanks for stopping by!

Fail Sweetly,