kristine’s birthday

So I indulged myself in pizza, avocado rolls, tortilla chips, spinach artichoke dip, and pizookie tonight. I’m officially stuffed. For all the readers who live or have been in California, there’s a chain restaurant called BJ’s Brewhouse. Everyone just calls it BJs for short. They’re known for their pizookie which is a giant cookie cake with ice cream on top. I went there for dinner earlier for my friend Kristine’s birthday. We’re so funny when we’re together. It’s kind of the priceless moments because we say stupid things and then laugh like crazy over them. Since she’s a year younger than I am, I call her “lil seestar.”
That’s me..I was kind of lost when Sean took this picture. It was cool meeting him because he taught me how to take pictures with my fancy camera. They came out so pretty! 🙂 Here are all the candle pictures that Sean and I took.
Aren’t they gorgeous? Sean was pretty cool about fixing my camera so the lighting would work for the pictures. I need to learn those amazing skills!
Kristine has a thing for pink and little green aliens so here we are
This is what a pizookie looks like 🙂
I believe this is their portebello mushroom pizza
avocado rolls & crispy potato skins
pizookie without the candles
buffalo chicken pizza, tortilla chips with spinach artichoke dip, and crispy potato skin
There was a little alien in the bottom of my cup! 🙂 I got to keep it!

I hope you enjoy all the pictures. I know there’s way too many in here. When I went to upload them on my Facebook, there was about 80 something. Happy Birthday to my lil seestar Kristine! 🙂 She turns 22 on Monday. Thanks for stopping by!

Fail Sweetly,


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