red robins

My sister and I went to lunch at Red Robins today. For those of you who have never heard of the name, it’s a burger joint. Endless baskets of fries and endless lemonades! Delish 🙂 We decided to make the trip to the Santa Anita Mall to try the new Red Robins that opened. It’s was really spacious which I liked. Their bathrooms were so cute! Yes, I’m weird..I’m taking about the bathroom of a burger restaurant on a food blog. I think it’s illegal to take pictures in the bathroom but really, it was super cute. I wish my bathroom at home had a cool sink like theirs. Anyway, moving onto the food.
Red Robins is famous for their fries seasoning. To be quite honest, I put it on everything. Salad, burger, fish, fries, you name it.
Their famous endless basket of fries
My sister’s ultimate bacon burger? I forgot the name but it looked delicious!
Freckled lemonade! 🙂 So yum!
Artic cod fish and chips with a side of cole slaw 🙂
The outside of the restaurant
I went to See’s to buy lollipops for my giveaway. I was reading Lauren’s blog on Lawfully Wedded Wife and she mentioned that See’s Candies isn’t available where she lives unless she orders it online. So I’ve decided to include the lollipops that she mentioned on her blog in my giveaway. Be sure to check back regularly because I will be announcing a giveaway in the coming week to celebrate my milestone of over 105 posts since I’ve started writing this blog. Don’t miss out!
This are scotchmallows. Chocolate covered caramel and marshmallow. If anyone has had See’s, this is probably one of their favorites. I love these!! 🙂
These are all pictures of the new side of the Santa Anita Mall called The Promenade.
This is the carousel in the mall
I saw these gorgeous flowers while taking pictures in The Promenade and I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to take pictures of them. Aren’t they gorgeous? 🙂 Thanks for reading. More information about my giveaway in the week to come!

Fail Sweetly,


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