first blog giveaway

When I first started this blog last year, I didn’t expect to have so many posts. I’m not sure how many posts I expected to have but I thought if I had something to blog about then I’d do it. Right now, I have over 105 posts so I wanted to share my awesome mildstone with my readers. This is my first blog giveaway and I have no idea what to expect. Here goes nothing..
Here are the rules:
– leave a comment NOT a like
– have until next Thursday the 5th at noon pacific standard time to enter
– you can enter as many times as you want
– only enter if you live in the united states (sorry canadian/international readers!)

pictured: lollipops, disposable pastry bags, and cupcake liners
The giveaway includes many items that I’ve used myself being quite the cupcake, chocolate, and cookie freak that I am.
Items included in giveaway:
– pink&brown polka dot cupcake liners (30-35)
– zebra cupcake liners (30-40)
– black cupcake liners (45-50)
– a coupler (standard size)
– americolor food coloring in black, yellow, & blue (3/4 oz each)
– keeseal disposable pastry bags 12″ (10)
– black, blue, & yellow sanding sugar (4 oz each)
– mini squeeze bottles (2)
– a white and a green hand towel (2)
– green dish towel
– small box of see’s lollipops (assorted 12)
– 2 cadbury dark chocolate bars
– special items from Trader Joes and/or somewhere only available in Orange County

The winner will be chosen at random using according to the comment number. The more comments you leave the better chance to win..unless you’re the only one commenting! I will only ship nationally because international shipping is quite pricy for a college student like myself. I’m keeping it simple for the first giveaway. The winner will be announced next Thursday. Goodluck! Thanks for stopping by.

Fail Sweetly,


11 thoughts on “first blog giveaway

    1. Justina Post author

      Thanks Helen! 🙂 If they’re non-perishable I’d be happy to send you some. I think my waistline is getting too big :/ I’m trying to scope out some good items at Trader Joes for the giveaway. I remember you saying that their wasn’t one close to you.


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