bruxie’s gourmet waffles

Yesterday I went shooting at the Orange County Indoor Shooting Range with my big brother and my old roommate who was visiting. After the range, we got lunch at a waffle place in Downtown Brea called Bruxie’s Gourmet Waffles. I shocked my old roommate by getting a savory waffle sandwich instead of a sweet one. Believe me, I was tempted.
This is the menu and inside of the place
I ordered a smoked salmon with cucumbers, dill, and cream cheese. Everything was great except they put a little too much cream cheese and the last few bites were full of cream cheese which made me want to gag.
My brother got the chicken and waffle without the slaw. Apparently they put honey on it too. He said it was good.
Joyce got the prosciutto with gruyere
We all washed it down with strawberry lemonade. It was delish! Especially since it was a hot day outside.
That’s the big bro. Make sure to watch him on Top Shot šŸ™‚ He made it to the green shirts. Thanks for stopping by!

Fail Sweetly,


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