the dark shade

Sorry to disappoint those who are looking for recipes. I’ve decided to do another post on my good shops. I fit the typical profile of a Southern California girl and her love of shopping to a tee. Spring is here and the weather is all over the place. Some days it’s super hot and it’s perfect beach weather and other days it’s raining like today. Regardless of the weather changes, I did some shopping. I previously blogged about my purchase of a Melie Bianco bag. I LOVE it btw. This is the perfect bag for school and for outtings. I’d have to say it’s more day time than a night on the town but to each her own. I’ve never actually followed the rules anyway.
I love black. I think I’ve bought into the concept that black not only makes you slimmer but brings out my skin. Haha, I’m pale as heck so the only color that doesn’t look too weird on me would be black. I think 85% of my closet is black..and the other 15% is very colorful. I’m talkin rainbow colorful. I was cleaning out my closet at school and I planned on bringing home the clothes that didn’t fit..found a pair of hot pink skinny jeans. I don’t remember buying them at all. Usually I’m pretty good with remembering what I bought and where I bought it but I don’t even recognize the brand on the jeans.
I made another trip to the Westfield Santa Anita and got this baby. I previously bought a gold dress from H&M to serve as my graduation dress but I couldn’t find any shoes to match. Even my simple black pumps were too plain for the dress. I bought this one because it’s more graduation-ish. The other one is more of a party/day dress. I got this at Windsor. It was a hard find too. A lot of the dresses were for prom so I had to keep looking if I wanted a grad dress. Some of the prom bombs were pretty a variety of different colors.
I got this basic tee at H&M because I like big t-shirts but fashionable ones.
I have interviews and internships coming up so I bought a black blazer from H&M. I now own three blazers. Surprisingly I always thought I would have more of them.
I got these cute shades at H&M. I hate shopping for sunglasses. I don’t have a nose bridge. Or at least not one that’s visible. It’s really difficult to buy sunglasses that will fit and not fall down to my nose. These were perf.
I love shiny things. This gold knuckle ring is awesome. I love it! I also bought this at H&M.
I love this scarf! The colors and designs are gorgeous. I bought this lovely at Windsor. It’s perfect for those unexpected weather changes.
I bought this lace shirt at Windsor. I don’t know what it is with lace that fascinates me. I love the lacey prints that stores have now. It’s super trendy. I also saw some dresses that were lacey and they were super cute. Too bad it was more party than graduation or I would have bought them!
I bought this basic knit at H&M. I’m currently obsessed with over-sized fashionable t-shirts and sweaters. I just hope I don’t wear the heck out of it.
This is probably the weirdest picture you’ve seen on here so far. But I really did need sheer tights. I have black ones but they just look awkward with my outfits when I wear them under skirts or dresses. I think black tights and over-sized t-shirts or knits are okay but not skirts. There’s just too much dark color that makes the outfit look weird. I’m weird, I don’t deny it. BUT I don’t like my outfits to look weird. That’s just not cooool. I hope I didn’t convince anyone to go shopping right now. There are still a lot of spring sales, just in case anyone’s wondering. Thanks for reading šŸ™‚

Fail Sweetly,


2 thoughts on “the dark shade

  1. helennaturally

    Great finds!! I haven’t been shopping for myself in so long. Oh and I am so jealous of the H&M, we do not have one any where within a reasonable driving distance to me šŸ˜¦


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