food adventures

Sorry for the lack of posts! I forgot my memory card reader at school when I went home this weekend so I couldn’t post any pictures 😦 This w
eek is midterm week so it’s been so hectic. I wanted to blog about some of the food I’ve been eating that are delish. Has anyone in the SoCal area ever heard of The Julian Pie Company? They have stores in the San Diego area but ship worldwide I believe. Or at least nationwide. Their pies are SO GOOD!! I got a peach and apple crumb pie and the crumb was so frickin delicious. It was actually my favorite part of the pie. I’m telling you, get the crumb kind! You won’t regret it.
I made a trip to the Alhambra Farmers Market back home and got a load of goodies. Surprisingly, this was my first trip to the farmers market there so it was pretty neat.
My sister and I attacked the hummus stand. We got garbanzo chips, hummus, pita bread, bruschetta, and some other stuff I can’t name. I also got a orange cupcake at the Red Velvet Gourmet Co. They sell organic cupcakes which was pretty cool. The cupcake tasted like a half and half bar. Don’t those strawberries look delish?! I was so excited for strawberry season! 🙂
I got some strawberry lemonade which was soooooo yummy! That’s the picture of the bruschetta. I love bruschetta. It tasted super delish with the tomato sundried hummus and garbanzo chips. And last but not least, my favorite study snack for now. Original Zebra Caramel Chocolate kettlekorn from Maw & Paws. They have a super cute store in Laguna Hills for all the SoCal readers out there! 🙂 Have a wonderful day! I’m off to go study my brain out.

Fail Sweetly,


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