chocolate chip cookies

These are the best chocolate chip cookies!! I have to say, follow the directions please. I usually try to substitute ingredients if I can get them cheaper but these babies need the real deal. I have made these cookies using margarine because it was what I had on hand and it’s a lot cheaper than butter. Use butter! Margarine has a water substance which makes the cookies spread like no other when they are baking. These cookies hardly spread at all when they are baking. The only issue I had is with adding the chocolate chips. When you add the chips, make sure to use a spatula. You’re definitely going to need to use some muscle to get all the chips incorporated with the dough. I got the recipe off! This recipe has over 4,000 views so yeah, it’s good.

Here’s the recipe..
Chocolate Chip Cookies (adapted from
3 cups of all purpose flour
1 cup white sugar
1 cup dark brown sugar
1/2 teaspoon salt
1 teaspoon baking soda
2 teaspoons hot water
2 eggs
2 sticks of butter soften
2 teaspoons vanilla extract
1 12 oz bag chocolate chips (I used Nestle’s dark chocolate chips)

1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees.
2. Using a stand mixer, mix butter with both sugars until fluffy.
3. Beat in eggs one at a time. Make sure to mix well after each egg.
4. Add in vanilla extract and mix again.
5. In a small bowl, mix the baking soda with the hot water and add that to the dough.
6. Add salt and mix.
7. Finally add the flour. I usually DON’T mix after every cup of flour because I find it overmixed as a result. So add all the flour to the mixer before mixing it together.
8. Make a hole in the dough with a spatula and add in the chocolate chips. Be sure to mix them well or else you’ll have dough without any chips. And that’s never good!
9. Bake at 350 for about 13 minutes. It really depends on your oven. Mine took about 13 but yours could take 10.
As you can see, my cookies don’t have a smooth top. Personally, I hate smooth top cookies UNLESS they come from Diddy Riese which is a cookie shop out of Westwood Village near UCLA. They’re famous for their cheap but DELICIOUS cookies and ice cream sandwiches. I love the crinkle look in chocolate chip cookies because I feel as though they are more authentic. I love this recipe because it gives a chewy inside with a crispy outside. If you live in Southern California but have not been to Diddy Riese, you’re missing out. My older sister is a UCLA alumni so I made regular trips to their fab cookie shop every time I went to visit her. I went to visit her quite frequently. I even requested that she bring me home cookies when I couldn’t go visit her šŸ™‚ DIDDY RIESE! You’re not a UCLA alumni until you’ve had Diddy Riese. UCI doesn’t really have any good cookie shops around. I’m not sure what makes a UCI alumni. I guess if you haven’t been to Berkeley Dog or Cha For Tea. Or if you haven’t been in line at Starbucks for over an hour. This isn’t during the rush by the way. Starbucks at UCI = second most busiest in the industry with the one in New York City being the first. We love Starbucks at UCI! šŸ™‚ Thanks for reading.

Fail Sweetly,


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