irvine farmer’s market

I’m super excited about this post. The Irvine Farmers Market was a blast. My sister came down to visit me and the two of us went with my new roomie to the farmer’s market. It was great because there were vendors for art, jewelry, clay flowers, photography, roasted corn, kettlecorn, bread, ravioli, sausages, fruits, and veggies.
This is a picture of the painting my new roomie gave me 🙂
It’s a painting of Detroit because that’s where she’s from.
Here’s the picture of the soap vendor that we saw at the farmers market.
These are little clay flowers. The detail completely blew me away!
Awesome color of assorted veggies.
Eggplants and bitter melons.
Mericol Escentuals 🙂 I love her! She was such a sweet lady.
Strawberries galore! 🙂
My loot from the market
More of my loot 🙂
This is wild mushroom and four cheese ravioli cooked with polish sausages and sauteed in brown butter herb sauce! 🙂 IT WAS DELICIOUS!!
Our lunch today 🙂 The rolls were awesome! The lady at the roll place was hilarious. I’ll post the recipe of the ravioli soon!

So funny note of the day, I’ve concluded that my new roomie’s boyfriend sort of looks like Nick Lachey. I can proudly say that because I was born and raised in Los Angeles 🙂 haha! We were tanning by the pool today and I realized that I’m from SoCal and she’s more tan than I am. What the heck?!

Fail Sweetly,


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