white chocolate cream cheese devil’s food cupcakes

I bought these American flags a while back to make cupcakes for Veteran’s Day. I ended up having an extra bag and thought they would be great for decorating. It’s also an excellent July 4th recipe. I’m starting early! 🙂 While the cupcakes were baking I didn’t know how to decorate them. I was looking all over for my jimmies but came to the sad conclusion that I must have used them all. Sad, indeed. I was reading blogs because the recipe for the white chocolate cream cheese frosting was on a blog I subscribe to (Jeremie’s Kitchen). I also saw that I got a reply from Nate. This inspired me to make festive cupcakes and decorate them with flags. If anyone follows Operation Homefront or the USO San Diego they’ll know who Nate is. There’s only one. He received the United States Navy Military Child of The Year award. This boy is nine years old people. While I am in awe of him, I’m also jealous. I wish I did things like that back when I was his age. But then again, I’m not sure if internet was this savy back then. Were there computers back then? I’m only 23 just in case you’re wondering! 😛 The reason why I bring up the internet thing is because Nate has his own blog. You can follow his adventures at natethegreatamilitarybrat.wordpress.com! My big brother’s a marine. His big brother’s also a marine. We have to stick together. Marine brats all the way! 🙂 Coming back to my recipe…devil’s food was calling my name. It said Justina, you need to get off your butt and make some darn devil’s food cupcakes. So I did, and they were spankin delicious. I used a white chocolate cream cheese icing that I mentioned earlier.

Here’s the recipe..
White Chocolate Cream Cheese Devil’s Food Cupcakes
1 box devil’s food cake mix (I used Duncan Hines)

1. Bake according to instructions. If you’d like a moist cupcake then you could add 1 cup sour cream and 1 box chocolate pudding. Only if you’re feeling dangerous.

Icing (adapted from Jeremie’s Kitchen)
1 package cream cheese
1 stick unsalted butter
2 teaspoons vanilla extract
2 cups powdered sugar
a pinch of salt
1 cup white chocolate chips melted

1. Melt the white chocolate in the microwave using 30 second intervals. Stir after every 30 seconds until all chips are melted. You’ll want this to be liquid like because if you leave unmelted chips, it’s going to ruin your icing later.
2. In a large bowl, combine cream cheese and butter. Mix until light and fluffy.
3. Add vanilla and salt and mix again.
4. Add the melted white chocolate and mix again.
5. Add the powdered sugar and mix one final time. The icing should be very thick after you pour the powdered sugar in. It’s supposed to be like that.
6. Frost your cupcakes and enjoy! 🙂 I’m definitely keeping this cream cheese icing recipe. It’s delicious.
It feels so good to have something to add to the blog in terms of recipes! I’ve had a ton of pictures of me, flowers, anything but food! Hopefully I’ll get to make some awesome grub this summer. I’m really craving bbq food. Anyone having a bbq? I want to join! 🙂

Fail Sweetly,


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