neighbors with pets

I was excited to move back home because it’s a lot cheaper than renting a room in Irvine and it meant I didn’t have to cook for myself everyday. However, when I moved home my next door neighbor decided to get pit bulls. I don’t know too much about dogs because my parents never let me have a pet as I was growing up but holy cow, these pit bulls are LOUD! They bark at 5am, 6am, midnight..whenever they feel necessary apparently. I don’t mind neighbors who have pets because my other next door neighbor has several dogs and that hasn’t been an issue. I’ve lived next door to them for at least 15 years too. These two pit bulls are something else. One time one of them started barking at 6am and I looked out my window. I saw he/she barking at the door that leads into the house. The dog turned it’s head and looked at me and then continued to bark. I mean really?! It would make sense if they barked if someone that was a stranger was in the vicinity or something but there was no one there! I’m sleep deprived because they keep barking. The saddest/funniest part is that they drive my neighbor crazy too. YET HE STILL HAS THEM! It seems like he doesn’t know how/can’t control them or something. He’s not very good with them is all I’m going to say. Does anyone who has a dog or a pit bull have any suggestions? I’ve already tried ear plugs. They didn’t work. My neighbor is seriously becoming the title “the neighbor from hell.” I would appreciate any helpful suggestions! Sorry for the lack of postings. I haven’t made anything recently. I’m going to scope out a bakery near where I live so I’ll be blogging about that soon.

Fail Sweetly,


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