bon epi patisserie & cafe (irvine, ca)

This is a review for my favorite bakery in Irvine, CA. I usually come here during midterms or finals week to grab some snacks. They have the best effing fruit tarts ever! Bon Epi is in the same lot as 85C but 85C always has a line and their stuff isn’t as good in my opinion. Bon Epi has more breads that cater to my sweet tooth or savory tooth. I have three favorites at Bon Epi, their strawberry croissant, fruit tarts, and fruit danishes.
Those are delicious danishes that I gave my aunts for mothers day. I almost wanted to keep them for myself! šŸ™‚
This is the strawberry croissant. I get it every single time I go. It’s become a staple.
Their ah-mazing fruit tarts. Beneath all the fruit and delicious filling is a layer of chocolate. When I bit into it I was happily surprised because everything tasted great together. None of the flavors overpowered one another.
Here is a strawberry shortcake I bought my grandma for her birthday. I LOVED this cake! My grandma is usually a stickler for “American” cakes because she finds them too sweet. She doesn’t like the cream on the asian bakery cakes either BUT she gave this cake two thumbs up. She ate it all! I laughed because she said the cream tasted great too.
These are some assorted goodies I got my mom for mothers day one year. On the top from left to right is a bacon & corn roll, frank (hotdog) roll, and a taro bun. On the bottom from left to right is a red bean donut, potato croquette, and curry croquette. I’m quite a taro bun freak so I can proudly tell you which place has the best ones. Unfortunately, Bon Epi fell short on my expectations for their taro bun. It didn’t have enough taro filling or flavor. It tasted like white bread. 85C has the best ones! They have some awesome taro swirls as well. I didn’t really care for much of these except the curry croquette. That thing was delicious! I love curry and it’s hard to find good curry but Bon Epi has it right. It was spicy but not too spicy and still had a strong curry taste.

Overall, I love Bon Epi. I just hate their prices. It is in Irvine so I guess that’s why. The strawberry shortcake I bought was 7in. and it cost about $40. I could have gotten one for $15 but it was delicious. However, I only buy their cakes for special occasions. The pastries are a bit overpriced as well but I have to have my strawberry croissant and my fruit tart/danish. I haven’t really expanded past those three because everything else is a hit or miss for me. I haven’t tried their menu items except for the almond milk tea. Surprisingly, their almond milk tea taste like Half&Half! I was overjoyed when I made that discovery. You don’t have to worry about long lines here because there’s rarely a line. I’ve been here multiple times and no line. It’s also a decent place to study because it’s pretty quiet and there’s tables outside if you wanna soak up the sunshine. Thanks for reading! šŸ™‚

Fail Sweetly,


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