the great food blogger cookie swap is back!!

The Great Food Blogger Cookie Swap 2012
COOKIES!!!! šŸ™‚ The Great Food Blogger Cookie Swap is back this year. I was disappointed that I couldn’t participate last year due to late timing. However, I will be participating this year! I’m still trying to figure out what kind of cookie to make. It’s going to be a really tough choice deciding on one kind of cookie. Lindsay and Julie are hosting it again this year. I’m so excitedddd! You can’t go wrong with a good cookie. This year’s round up will be a little different. All participants will be asked to donation $4 to Cookies For Kids Cancer which is a non-profit organization. Another reason why bloggers are so effing awesome! It’s a great way to make new friends, share your cookie recipe with others, receive baked cookies, as well as help a non-profit. All U.S. participants will also be receiving a “be a good cookie” spatula from OXO. This year will be the second annual cookie swap.

If anyone’s interested in the swap, click this for more information. All the requirements and sign up procedures are written on that page. It’s an excellent way to attract new readers, but mostly for the cookies and the kids šŸ™‚ You don’t wanna miss out! I saw the photo gallery of the cookies made last year. I was so disappointed because they looked so amazing!!! Be sure to sign up before November 5th!

Fail Sweetly,


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