my ten most used kitchen tools

I saw this as a post on Lawfully Wedded Wife so I thought I’d give it a go. Most of my kitchen tools are for baking! I’m not really surprised but it was an interesting realization when I saw the items as I was uploading the pictures. All pictures are courtesy of 🙂
#1: Cobalt Blue Kitchen Aid Mixer – I don’t think I can live without one now that I have one!
#2: NorPro Ice Cream Scoop – This is a great scoop. I have mine in 2 tablespoons but the picture is a 4 tablespoon one. I use it to scoop cupcake batter as well as cookie dough. Ironically enough, I never use it to scoop ice cream.
#3: Cutco Ice Cream Scoop – This is my far the best ice cream scoop I’ve ever owned. I’ve had it for over 5 years now and it still looks like it’s new. It scoops the absolute hardest ice creams. It’s a bit expensive but definitely worth the investment.
#4: NorPro Jelly Roll Pans – I use them as cookie sheets and they’re great. I also use them for sheet cakes, roasting chickens, and for holding cupcakes and caramel apples.
#5: Cutco Knives – I worked as a sales rep selling Cutco knives the summer I graduated high school. It was a hard job but I loved the knives. They’re the sharpest knives I own. If you’re not careful, you could cut your nail with these. I did it on accident and I was shocked it was sharp enough to cut through my nail. The picture is of the Homemaker +8
#6: Cuisinart Mixer – This is my back up mixer to my stand mixer. I use this if I don’t feel like washing my stand mixer. Usually I use it if whatever I’m whisking is a liquid such as filling for egg tarts.
#7: Silpat Mats – These are great for baking cookies. They make sure your cookies are evenly baked and you won’t have to worry about the hassle of throwing it away afterwards. Your cookies also don’t get stuck to them.
#8: Wilton Muffin Pan – I’m a cupcake freak so this pan is used on a regular basis. I use it for muffins too.
#9: OXO Flexible Spatula – I use it to cook pancakes or sunny side up eggs. It’s a great tool for pancakes! 🙂
#10: Lipper International Bamboo Kitchen Tools – I use these for pretty much everything. Whether it’s stir frying or spooning the last of the brownie batter.

Disclaimer: By no means am I advertising for any of the companies of the products that are pictured above. Everything said in this post is my personal opinion.

What are your top ten kitchen tools? 🙂 I’m going through some family drama right now which has taken me away from blogging. I don’t like to write about that kind of stuff because I doubt my family would approve of being blogged about. I just have one question..WHY is there ALWAYS family drama? I’m so sick of it! Originally I planned to have many other Halloween treats posted but it doesn’t seem likely because Halloween is tomorrow. Somehow, I’ve never enjoyed Halloween. My parents don’t “like” the holiday so as a kid I NEVER got to go trick-or-treating. I’m not sure if it’s because they didn’t trust me or the people I would have gotten my candy from. Regardless, when I have kids I would totally let them go trick-or-treating. I always found it particularly cruel because my cousins got to go and I didn’t. They’d always come back with like 50 bags of candy. I kid you not, one year my cousins got so much candy from trick-or-treating that my sister and I received several bags from them as gifts. My aunt also had to take some into work for her coworkers. She still had leftovers! I hope everyone stays safe trick-or-treating tomorrow! 🙂

Fail Sweetly,


3 thoughts on “my ten most used kitchen tools

  1. Adam J. Holland

    I have owned a Cobalt-colored Kitchen-Aid since 1990. I think it might be on it’s last leg and I’m opting for the copper version next time around. The number one kitchen accessory of all time.

    1. Justina Post author

      I think so too! Every time I don’t use my mixer I feel like I’m doing something wrong or that what I’m making won’t come out the way it should 😦 haha


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