for the love of turkey

Who has never made the turkey for Thanksgiving before? I’m looking for hands here people. I have mine raised high and slightly shaking out of fear. When I was younger, we had an Albertsons across the street and always went there for our turkeys and side dishes. A few years ago, the Albertsons closed and became an asian market. There were a few years that my dad or uncle got the turkey at a restaurant but my sister got fed up with “grandma turkey” as she likes to call it. Basically, we like juicy and moist turkey for Thanksgiving. Grandma turkey is the kind of turkey that’s dry and tough. No offense to any real grandma’s out there. My own grandmother shoo’ed me away when I told her about it! Ha! 🙂 This year the task has fallen into my hands because I have the most time (according to my sister). I know I shouldn’t freak out but what the heck?! I’ve never made anything that big before. I’m nervous not only about how it will turn out but also because my genius of a sister didn’t really “follow” a recipe last year. She doesn’t remember all the steps because she never wrote them down. She also told me it was easy…to which I responded by telling her she’s crazy. I’m nervous because brining a turkey takes forever. I remember I was studying for midterms while she brined the turkey last year. I don’t have any excuses made up this year so boo 😦 My grandma also bought me a ham today. Really grandma?! I’m already making the turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, and desserts. Apparently she doesn’t think that’s enough. Anyway, I’d like to direct those of us that haven’t made the turkey before to a post by the Pioneer Woman. Ree has step by step instructions and pictures about how to make a Thanksgiving turkey. I’m still a little apprehensive about the whole brining process! I believe I will be starting the process on Monday and will be documenting my turkey’s progress on here 🙂 That way, I’ll have directions for next year.

Fail Sweetly,


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