katsuya glendale

Sorry for the lack of pictures in this post. This is a review for SBE Katsuya. Honestly, a few years ago I was addicted to watching The Hills because I wanted to see the food at the fancy restaurants they go to. I literally skipped everything else. I saw them at Katsuya Brentwood a couple of times and thought it’d be a good place to go. They opened a location at The Americana in Glendale a couple years ago and that’s the one I went to. I went with my sister for lunch. Let’s just say, the host was a jerk. He looked at us as if we didn’t have enough money to eat there or something. The waiter was very nice and attentive which was a plus. He answered all our questions thoroughly which was nice since we had a douchey host. The menu I got had wine spilled all over it. Talk about disgusting! o_o Anyway, my sister got the watermelon mojito and I opted for water. She let me sip her drink and it literally tasted like water with a small hint of mint and watermelon. I could have made one at home. If my sister says it’s weak it has to be weak. She barely drinks as it is. We ordered the SSC Roll to share and I got a chicken dish that came with salad, rice, mashed potatoes, and grilled vegetables. I thought it was delicious. The roll is freakin ah-mazing. I’m so bummed I don’t have a picture to show you! It’s California rolls topped with shrimp, mushroom, and asparagus. It was also drizzled with soy sauce. My sister ordered the sashimi sampler which included tuna, yellow tail, salmon, halibut, scallop, and hokki clam. It came with a salad and rice as well.

Katsuya is a pretty high end restaurant..or at least they’re supposed to be so unless you want to spurge, don’t come here. My sister and I are sushi addicts which is why we went. Overall the service was good except for the jerky host. The food was decent. I could eat sushi like there’s no tomorrow. Our bill? I think it was $80-85 including tax and tip. We had lunch out in the patio area and it was nice because it’s by the fountain that’s in the middle of The Americana.

Fail Sweetly,


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