operation brave turkey [STEP ONE]

So I previously blogged about the turkey making process and that I’d post the steps here. Well, step 1 is happenin’! The first step to a great bird at Thanksgiving is to let the turkey thaw completely. This process takes about 24 hours to 36 hours depending on the size of your turkey. My mom bought a butterball turkey that was 13lb so I’m letting it thaw for a day and tomorrow I will be making the brine to submerge the turkey in. You can see in the picture that there’s excess pinkish juice in the container I’m thawing it in. You need to let it thaw completely so the brine has a better chance of seeping it’s flavor into your turkey. If it’s still partially frozen, there’s going to be more water as the turkey thaws and you don’t want that. It’ll mess up your brining process.

So my fellow first timers, step 1 to making a turkey for Thanksgiving is letting it thaw for at least 24 hours. Some people think that’s obvious but you’d be surprised when people only let it thaw for half a day and their bird is over 20lbs. Not gonna happen people.

Fail Sweetly,


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