ralph brennan jazz kitchen (disneyland)

I’ve eaten at quite a few places at Disneyland but most of them are too casual. The Ralph Brennan Jazz Kitchen is somewhat casual too but they have excellent service. It’s a New Orleans themed restaurant and they have live bands play. It’s a great place for birthdays and anniversaries. The manager of the restaurant was so sweet to us. Our waitress was also nice and helpful. I have a sweets addiction and their double chocolate bread pudding souffle was AH-MAZING! It was one of the best desserts I’ve had ever. It’s hard to find good bread pudding but the swirl of both chocolates sent it over the top. My new york steak was delicious as well! šŸ™‚ I love this place. I came here with two of my friends and one of their family members. We were celebrating my birthday and it was a great atmosphere because their was a couple celebrating their 10th wedding anniversary. The guy was so sweet! He bought her two dozen roses (yes I counted because I’m weird like that), chocolate covered strawberries, champagne, and he had the band play their wedding song. I wanted to be his wife! Haha šŸ™‚ But in all seriousness, I was “awing” the whole time.
This is the bread pudding souffle. We didn’t mix in all the chocolate because there were two kinds but it was super yummy!
This is my new york steak. It came with sauteed spinach, mushrooms, and fried potatoes. The potatoes were thee best!
My friend’s sister got the chicken penne pasta. It looked good too šŸ™‚
This is the seafood jambalaya. My friend loves spicy food so she opted for it. She let me try it and it was delicious. I’m not a fan of spicy food though so I probably wouldn’t get it.
This is the jambalaya. I think my friend got the chicken kind? I’m not really sure…I was too busy laughing at him because he was telling the waiter all the things he didn’t want in it.

Sorry for the blurry pictures. This is a pretty solid restaurant at Disney and requires reservations unless you want to wait around for hours. The restaurant has dim lighting for a somewhat romantic atmosphere so taking good pictures was hard. The service was excellent. Even the manager wished me a happy birthday. The food was also excellent. It’s not super big on the bottom level so you might feel claustrophobic..I sort of did because this one party consisting of all guys kept shouting and they were sitting right behind me. Either way, if I was in the mood or in the area, I’d definitely come here again. I went for dinner and somehow got free parking. For those of you wondering why I was excited about free parking…well, in California there’s RARELY free parking. Especially not at a theme park like Disneyland. Parking is quite expensive and usually ranges at about $6 an hour.

Fail Sweetly,


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