I’m a sushi addict. Most people won’t come near raw fish but I eat it like there’s no tomorrow. I have a few favorite sushi restaurants that I always go to and Kabukis is one of them. Their fried tempura green tea ice cream is to die for. Yes, it’s a bit strange to fry ice cream but holy cow! It’s the best ice cream I’ve had. Pasadena has most of my favorite sushi restaurants. Gin’s sushi is amazing too. The service is horrible but the food is delicious. Anyway, I went to the California Science Center for a project awhile back and afterwards we went to Kabukis in Pasadena. Here’s what we ordered 🙂
This is the albacore roll. I didn’t try it because I’m not a fan of tuna. Salmon is more to my taste.
My friend got the bbq ribs. They looked so good!
I got the teriyaki salmon and it came with rice and a salad.
This is the spicy scallop roll. This took forever because the waitress or sushi chef got our order wrong..TWICE.
Yummy miso soup! 🙂
The ah-mazing fried green tea ice cream! I didn’t take an after picture but it was gone in like 2 minutes.

For those of you who are opposed to eating fried ice cream, you’re missing out! I guess it’s all my years of going to the LA County Fair where they make fried everything. I’ve had a fried oreo before. It wasn’t too bad either! I love green tea ice cream and fried green tea ice cream. Fried foods remind me of southern cooking. My ex once told me that people in the country parts of Virginia eat deer and bear jerky? I thought he was a weirdo. Actually, I STILL think he’s a weirdo but I don’t think he reads this so it’s okay. CUE EVIL EYES 😛 I guess it’s not as strange as fried chicken livers. I’m not too enthusiastic about those BUT I do come from a Chinese family and we eat all sorts of stuff. I eat what people call exotic food, black chicken. It’s way better than the white kind! If you’ve ever watched Susur on Top Chef than you know what I’m talking about. Deer jerky sounds interesting. Bear jerky? No thank you! 🙂

Overall the food was amazing. The service was eh. Personally I don’t understand how you can mess up the same order twice but then again, I don’t work there. I think the fried green tea ice cream made me more lenient about their service! 🙂

Fail Sweetly,


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