sprinkles cupcakes

I’m a cupcake freak so this post is a review for the cupcakery Sprinkles. I went to the one in Newport Beach, CA. I hate to say it but to me Sprinkles is very overrated. I thought I would get diabetes from eating their cupcakes. The cake itself is great but the frosting is WAYYYYYY too sweet. Also, they don’t hold back on the frosting. Every cupcake has a ton of frosting and it’s so sweet. I have a sweet tooth but their cupcakes are pretty overwhelming. I think the only two that I liked were the black and white (pictured above, top right) and the chocolate marshmallow (pictured above, bottom right). I couldn’t finish the other two which were peanut butter chip and peanut butter chocolate. I don’t know about other people but when I buy a cupcake I intend on finishing it. I finished the marshmallow just fine because it wasn’t overly sweet. I barely finished the black and white because the frosting was too much. I had a small piece of the other two before I called it quits. I’ve never really had this problem at any other cupcake places but I guess that’s the way it is. They’re really pricy as well. I think a cupcake at Sprinkles is like $4 on average. Sometimes it’s more than $4 if it’s a special kind. I prefer Dots Cupcakes over Sprinkles because it’s not as expensive and I could finish the cupcake. I’m obsessed with cupcakes. When I don’t finish one, that’s bad. The workers are super friendly and even though the line was long, it moved pretty quickly. If you decide to come here and you’re not a super sweet tooth than you should come with friends or plan on sharing cause you probably won’t finish it. Or at least not all the cupcake AND frosting. This location is located next to a gelato place which was awesome because their mocha chip gelato was delicious! šŸ™‚

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Fail Sweetly,


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