cookie swap 2nd dozen received

I got my second dozen of cookies from Cari at Fat Girl Hedonist. They were white chocolate key lime pistachio biscotti! IT WAS SO GOOD!!! 🙂 They were inhaled in 2 days. I brought a few into work for my coworkers and the teacher I work with said she wanted the recipe! I loved them. They were the best darn biscotti I’ve had. I’m usually not really a fan of key lime but the taste wasn’t overwhelming. All the flavors meshed well together. I like the crunchiness of the cookie and the subtle flavors of the chocolate, key lime, and pistachios. I also loved that it wasn’t rock solid. I usually hate biscotti that way but I guess people usually make it that way? They were delicious 🙂
Here’s the chocolate covered side
Look at those lovely pistachios!! 🙂

The cookie swap is awesome..but I think I already said that. Thanks Cari!! I totally wish you live closer to me so I can visit you and stuff my face with biscotti. Wait, what? haha 😛

Fail Sweetly,


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