Bittersweet Treats (Pasadena, CA)

As all of you know, I’m a sweets addict. I get absolutely giddy and jump up and down like a 4 year old when I hear there’s a new bakery in town. Bittersweet Treats is coowned by Linda and Danielle. Linda is such a sweetheart. When my cousin and I walked in, it was as if we knew her personally. She chatted with us like we were her bffs so that was great. Danielle is one of the finalist on Top Chef Just Desserts. I believe I got a glimpse of her? I was too excited for the baked goods. Linda was amazing and piled us with tons of samples. The name doesn’t do them any justice. All the staff were super friendly and very helpful when it came to recommendations. I really wanted to get everything. I sampled the snickerdoodle cookie which was fabulous. Hands down, it was the best snickerdoodle cookie I’ve ever had. I also sampled the banana cream pie, mint ice cream, and lemon poppy seed cake. GO FOR THE PIE!! The banana cream pie was delicious!! I’ve never been a fan of banana cream pie because I’ve never had it the right way. The way Danielle makes it, it’s always right. The pie was so delicious, from the creamy smoothness to the sugared pecans on top, and the crust. There were also chunks of banana in the pie which I loved. It’s really like creme brulee meets banana. The sugared pecans are to die for. I really just wanted a handful so I could eat it separately. My sample was so delicious, I ended up buying a slice. I finished that bad boy in no time. The mint ice cream was also delicious. It’s very hard to find authentic real mint ice cream. I guess they really don’t call Danielle Mint D for no reason. It was so authentic I really wanted to buy some but I was way too full on their banana cream pie. The lemon poppy seed cake was okay. I like the glaze and the candied lemon slice on top but I’ve never been a fan of lemon poppy seed. I hate lemon poppy seed muffins so it didn’t wow me. I wished they had the earl grey ice cream or honey lavender because I heard those were delicious. My cousin got a brownie and a caramel latte and loved both. She gave me part of her brownie too! 🙂 I bought the snickerdoodle cookie, chocolate chip cookie, red velvet whoopie pie, crumb cake, and coffee crumb cake to go. I’m having a feast for my sisters birthday 🙂 The service was excellent and the staff were knowledgeable in helping me choose items for my mother. Linda was a total crack up. After I finished my pie she gave my cousin and I samples of the snickerdoodle cookie. I think next time I will be back for the ice cream and one of the barreos. Those looked pretty tasty too 🙂 I’d definitely be back again. Their red velvet whoopie pies are huge. I’ve never seen a whoopie pie that big before. The decor inside is also super cute. It’s very trendy and somewhat hip. It has a very home-y feel yet it’s a sophisticated business which is awesome because those are hard to come across nowadays.
The chocolate chip cookie. I’m a big fan of chocolate chip cookies but I like them crunchy on the outside and chewy on the inside. The one I got was a bit hard and I didn’t enjoy it. Taste wise, it was great. Texture was eh.
Best darn snickerdoodle everrrrr! 🙂 It’s so delicious.
Red velvet whoopie pie! FINALLY a place that makes red velvet the right way. The red velvet taste like cocoa, wasn’t dry, AND the cream cheese filling doesn’t make you want to gag. It’s not overly sweet which is just perfect.
Crumb cake..weird color but it taste great! I got this for my mom and she loved it.
Coffee crumb cake..aka my moms favorite. She’s a big coffee fanatic so this was right up her alley.

You have to give them a try. I’d go just for the banana cream pie and snickerdoodle. SO DELICIOUS!!!

Fail Sweetly,


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