Round 2?

Sorry for the lack of post on here! I spent January trying not to get sick and apparently it decided to creep up on me in February. I got sick recently and it totally stinks. I mean getting sick is one thing…but when you add in working with developmental disability’s quite stressful. Last Friday I had a fever and totally felt crappy but went to work anyway. It was a HORRIBLE idea!! I spent Super Bowl weekend sleeping and taking a crap load of medication only to have them not work. So tomorrow I have to miss work and go to the doctor. The store bought meds aren’t strong enough to take out whatever I have. Thank you for those wonderful emails asking me where the heck I went. I truly appreciate them.

I wish I had more time to cook and bake for my blog. Hopefully I’ll have some cultural stuff up soon. Chinese New Years is this Sunday. My mom has been on my case about ringing in the new year being sick. A few weeks back I made oreo stuffed chocolate chip cookies using the Picky Palate recipe. They were awesome! šŸ™‚ I also made chocolate chip cookies using Jacques Torres recipe. I must say, the Jacques Torres chocolate chip cookies were fantastic. I usually make dense chocolate chip cookies but the Jacques Torres ones were excellent in balance of texture and taste. They were extremely flavorful and light. Hopefully I will get my butt around to posting up new recipes. Until then, I’ll be downing my emergen-c vitamin supplement drinks..

Fail Sweetly,


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