I’ve been pondering this question since I’ve graduated college. What do I want to do? You see..as a psychology major, the jobs are very limited without higher education. I only have a Bachelors and decent paying jobs usually require a MA, MFT, or higher. I’ve been stuck at a crossroad because I don’t know what I want to specialize in if I decide to go to grad school.

Sometimes I get insanely jealous at the people who know where they’re going and how to get there. I’m currently working at a non-public school for kids with developmental disabilities. I did an internship with a preschool while I was still completely my undergrad work. So the answer should be simple right? I want to work with kids. Or at least that’s what I figured I wanted to do since everything I’m doing seems to involve kids. Somehow, everything is very complicated in my mushy brain.

When I first decided to be a psychology major, I was very driven and passionate about what I was going to be. I was blunt and determined to become a clinical psychologist so I could work with veterans for the Veterans Affairs. My mind has since wandered elsewhere. I like to stick with what I plan to do but at the same time, I don’t want to be unhappy later on. I can’t decide if I want to pursue an MFT and work as a therapist for children or if I want to pursue a PhD and work as a clinical psychologist for veterans. I’ve also thought about working with children who come from military families.

I feel like I’m in la la land most of the time because I can’t figure out what I want to do. My sister says that sometimes it just takes time and I should keep doing what I’m doing because it’ll help me gain experience. To be honest, I only applied for the job I currently hold because I figured it would help me decide if I want to work with kids or adults. My mind has not changed a bit since working there. I’m still in limbo. Some days I feel like the world will show me a sign and tell me I should go down one path. I know for a fact I don’t plan on being a teacher’s aide for a career. I know I’m going to grad school. I just can’t decide which career path to pursue. I figured I wouldn’t look into grad schools unless I know which career path to follow. My dream school is riding on UCLA. I guess I’m a wanna be bruin at heart. My sister graduated from UCLA 🙂

Has anyone done one or the other? Any advice? Pros? Cons? If you wouldn’t mind telling me your experience..it would help a great deal! 🙂

Fail Sweetly,


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