flower fields at carlsbad ranch

This post will mainly be a picture post because I got some great shots of the flower fields today! 🙂 There were so many people!! The drive down there was pretty therapeutic for me but it also made me want to fall asleep.
 photo 007-3_zpsb3cff499.png
The entrance to the fields
 photo 011_zps96f37d73.png
 photo 049_zps857a8e3f.png
 photo 051_zpsaad7f7e8.png
 photo 054_zpsdd013c09.png
 photo 097_zps8bd4f2c8.png
 photo 100_zpsb4c3f68f.png
 photo 111_zps39b2a95a.png
 photo 012-1_zpsb226f239.png
 photo 026_zps6c4afda1.png
 photo 028_zpsfef9e1dd.png
 photo 061_zps955fcbd1.png
 photo 080_zpsfbc134bd.png
 photo 094_zps2b986c67.png
 photo 059_zps0bb1636e.png
 photo 128_zps07b212a5.png
After getting lost in the sweet pea maze! -_-
 photo 131_zpsf913e914.png
The coolest lemon stand ever 🙂
 photo 132_zps4abfae37.png
Big sis and I had to get our kettlecorn fix
 photo 133_zpsc06f2dc4.png
The azaleas we bought our mama 😀

Hope you enjoy the pictures! Please do not take any of my photography and claim them as your own. Thanks!
 photo Image2_zps32fc9a95.png


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