the big three

I was talking to one of my coworkers and she mentioned that she noticed three things about me. I thought it was hilarious because of all the things she mentioned, they were probably my biggest flaws. There was a situation that happened at work on Friday which had me steaming to say the least.

She said I talked a lot. It’s probably my best and worst attribute. I can make conversation like that but I can’t seem to shut up. This especially happens when I’m angry or irritated and I tend to go on a ranting rampage. The poor souls that have to listen to my rants..I should bake them something. When I go off on tangents and make no sense, I annoy people. Lots of them…lol oops! šŸ˜›

Second, she said I get irritated really easily. I’ve always been super irritable fairly easy. It doesn’t take a lot to get on my nerves because I hold people to high expectations. In my mind, I’m thinking why the heck would you do or say that? It really makes no sense to me. It irritates me even more when people do stupid things and they deny it. I mean honestly, if you’re like that than you’re like that. I would just appreciate you owning up to the fact that you’re like that instead of trying to front.

Lastly, I remember the things that are not important. If you ever did or said anything bad to me, I’ll remember it for the rest of my life and probably hold a grudge against you. I kid you not, I remember things people said to me back in like third grade. Sadly, I can’t seem to hold the academic information that I need in order to get into grad school. It’s like I have selective memory but I can’t control it.

It’s JUNE! Which means schools almost out and summer is here! I’m currently in search of a new job because my current job is giving me gray hairs. I’m so stressed out about work I always knock out when I get home or I’m like a sleeping zombie at work. I need something therapeutic. Hopefully something turns out so I will have a new job when September comes.

Fail Sweetly,


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