School’s almost out! :)

It’s already out for some people but the school I work at is in its last week. Next week will be our last week and than break! I’m pretty excited because I have a week off so plenty of beach time and bakery shop hopping. I also get to work on my photography and catch up on sleep. I might have time to work out too. But than again, that’s not really high on my priority list šŸ˜›

So I’ve been watching episodes of Army Wives and I’m dying. I love Gloria but this whole Gloria and Patrick vs. Gloria and Hector thing is kinda stupid. Patrick gets more screen time than Jackie. What’s up with that? o_O I don’t see the depth to her character. I miss Claudia Joy. Her character totally held everyone together and they always had someone to go to. The show just seems kinda weird without her. I love Brooke Shields but I hate her character. Her and Michael together is also strange. I’m glad Denise and Frank are still on the show. I wonder what’s going to happen with Joan and Roland. They were one of my favorite couples on the show after Trevor and Roxy.

The issues that Latasha and Quincy are going through makes my heart hurt for them. I’ve heard many stories about situations like that that have happened to military spouses. It’s really heart wrenching because there’s not much you could do to help other than send many prayers their way. The Tim and Holly situation is really scary. A similar situation happened to a friend of mine. Her husband tried to hurt her and than when she left because she was scared out of her mind, he tried to hurt himself. It just scares the hell out of me to know that it really could happen in real life and some people live in that type of situation daily. I wouldn’t know what the heck to do. Are there hotlines and therapy groups for that kind of stuff?

Fail Sweetly,


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