easy salmon salad

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Yesterday night was extremely humid so instead of eating hot rice for dinner, my sister and I opted for salads. I’m not a huge fan of salmon. Especially in a salad..BUT ours was pretty darn tasty. The lemon in the salmon sent the salad over the top. It had a very refreshing taste in every bite.

Easy Salmon Salad
– baked salmon fillets (similar here)
– baby spinach
– diced tomatoes
– Litehouse ginger sesame dressing

– to assemble the salad I put the spinach on the bottom
– I’m a huge tomato freak so I like a lot of tomatoes in my salad so I piled on the tomato on top of the spinach
– drizzle a little dressing on top of the tomato and spinach
– layer with salmon depending on how much you want
– drizzle more dressing on top of salmon (I do two drizzles because too much dressing on the salmon will make it taste funky and no one wants a funky tasting salad)

This salad is real refreshing. You could add julienne carrots or maybe eggs if you want but I hate eggs in my salads so I never add them. I have a week off of work starting tomorrow! So expect to see more recipes now that I have time to make stuff šŸ™‚ I’m making calzones and a frozen java chip pie. I’ll also be making trips to Oldtown Pasadena for the glorious hotdogs at Dog Haus and cupcakes at ConfeXion Cupcakes. See ya soon šŸ™‚

Fail Sweetly,


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